Web Design and Graphics Syllabus
Monday 7/21/03 - Friday 7/25/03
Jim Modena Instructor assisted by Tim Dailey and Gayle Stern

Course Requirements


Project 1: Due on Friday 7/25/03(1) Students will produce and present to the class well designed web pages that include the following: graphics (scanned, web, and original), text, tables, and links. The pages will link to anchors, other student produced pages, and useful educational pages on the Web. The pages you produce will be a model for a school media center or classroom.
(2) Create a web based unit using one or more of the Massachusetts frameworks (or other state if applicable). You should include the following: (a) an introduction to hook the students (b) define the tasks to be done (c) the process (d) resources (e) conclusion (f) an evaluation instrument. This unit could (strongly recommended) use the WebQuest model.

Project 2: Due on Friday 7/25/03
Set up and understand how to use your FirstClass web home page then create at least one simple page. Print the page and make sure your name is on the page.

Project 3: Reading and Response due on Thursday 7/24/03
See course site for more details.

Attendance at all class sessions and assigned readings from the text are also required.

Daily Schedule
Class Hours
7:30-8:00 Open Lab
8:00-12:00 Instruction with mini labs
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Open Lab (not staffed)
1:00-3:00 Instruction with mini labs
3:00-3:30 Open Lab

Day 1
Introductions, course overview and assignments
• Intro to Webquests - see article by Bernie Dodge
Lab: Web design evaluation activity
• Brainstorming session-review of web project ideas, create a plan for your web page. (Inspiration)

• HTML the language of the WEB!
What is HTML? Demo simple text and HTML
Lab: Make a simple web page using simple text and worksheet.

• Introduction to web page design and Claris Home Page
• How to put text on a page
• File structure and saving
• Basic image production
• How to copy and paste your URLs to your web page

Lab: Using Netscape or Internet Explorer to browse the World Wide Web and gather good URLs and annotations then save them using Claris Home Page

For tomorrow: (1) Bring in images for scanning. (2) Look over the first two chapters but read 173-181 from The Non-Designer’s Web Book.

Day 2

Lab: Explore different sites. Gather URL’s for links.

• Review session one topics -- Q and A

•The FirstClass link, how use FirstClass to make simple web pages for you.
Lab: Set up you home page in FirstClass

• Image production
• Graphic converter
• Color table (see last page of book)
• Picts, Gifs, and JPEGs
• Use of scanners
• Clip art
• ClarisWorks drawing and painting
• Images from the web
Lab: Web research and web page production

For tomorrow: (1) Read chapters 5 and 6 (pages 89-124) from The Non-Designer’s Web Book.

Day 3

Lab: Web research and web page production

• Finish Image production and review day 2 topics -- Q and A.

• Links, anchors, images and tables
• Web page style including fonts, layout, function

Creating Links:

  • Relative and Absolute
  • Anchors

Day 4

Web research and web page production

• Uploading pages to a web server using Claris Home Page / Fetch
• Student web projects

Lab: Web research and web page production

Day 5
• Next steps other WYSIWYG web editors, multimedia, iMovie

Web page production
Web pages will be presented to the class.
11:00-12:00 projects
1:00-3:00 projects

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