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Archive from the first half of 2004

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27 June 2004 [make link]

There's got to be some way that I can make bad book covers into a proper subject of historical discourse.

9 May 2004 [make link]

Whoops. Sorry.

8 May 2004

Fun with dead languages.

14 April 2004

"The Aug. 6 [president's daily briefing] …was not a particular threat report. And there was historical information in there about various aspects of al-Qaida's operations. … This was not a warning. This was a historic memo. " -- Condoleezza Rice

So when did "historical" become a synonym for "irrelevant"? Maybe advance warning couldn't have stopped the attacks , but at least they might have known enough to evacuate the second tower.

7 April 2004

Evil psychologists.

28 February 2004 [make link]

Sackagewea and the rest.

2 January 2004

The Civil War will never be settled.

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