Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers.

Whenever we are tempted to invent a new glyph, we should first ask whether we really need it. Are there enough words derived from this root to justify clogging our computer memory with a new glyph? Like, for example, badgers. Sure, a badger is easy to draw, but how many words can we create from the root glyph?

The animal, of course.
badger, Family Melinae
From badger-baiting, the sport of kings. To treat someone like a badger.
to badger, to harass
Did you know that Wisconsin, the Badger State, is perhaps the only state in the Union with its own festive headdress? And no, it's not a badger.
A dachshund is literally, a badger dog in German.
The "dog" of hot dogs derives from the resemblance between a dachshund and and a frankfurter.
hot dog

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