This might not be the most useful of categories, but it's certainly easy. Unlike most other animals, dinosaurs have names that actually mean something, so all we have to do is translate the components:

Triceratops Brontosaurus Stegosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex Veliciraptor Archaeopteryx
Three Horn Face Thunder Lizard Roof Lizard Tyrant Lizard King Fast Thief Ancient Wing

Some names could get rather convoluted. For example, the carnosaur Albertosaurus was named after the Canadian province of Alberta, which was named after Princess Alberta, who was given the feminine form of the name Albert, which comes from the old Germanic name Albrecht, meaning "noble, bright".

So we'll start with "noble, bright" ...
... feminize it ...
... then name the province after it ...
... and then the big lizard.

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