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Hobo Markings

(Important Note: I have only uploaded the glyphs I have used in practice sentences and sample constructions. Therefore, not every glyph indicated on these "source" pages is available on my website at the moment. Instead, you'll probably see a lot of these little guys, , indicating that the image can't be loaded.)

There's a rich tradition of symbols used by hobos to pass important messages onto their fellow wanderers. Unfortunately, most of these are too specific for our purposes. Do we really need a glyph for "It's easy to pick the locks here"? There are a few interesting signs with the potential for generic applications -- such as signs for danger, police and dogs -- but most of these are fighting an uphill battle against more common symbols used in, for example, traffic signs.

Angry dogs, mean people Sweden, UK
Leave this place USA
Gentleman USA
Here it is USA
Don't knock here UK
People here are afraid of tramps UK
Alcohol US

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