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Alphabetic Shorthand

(Important Note: I have only uploaded the glyphs I have used in practice sentences and sample constructions. Therefore, not every glyph indicated on these "source" pages is available on my website at the moment. Instead, you'll probably see a lot of these little guys, , indicating that the image can't be loaded.)

OK. This category might be cheating. I set out to create a non-alphabetic writing system, and then I turn around and use signs and symbols that are derived from abbreviations, words and letters. On the other hand, most of these images have become so removed from the original words that gave them birth that they can be classified as pure symbols.

And (a scribbled Latin Et)
Christian, from the Greek ("fish"), an anagram for ("Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior")
Dollar (A seriously modified pS for peso)
Hundred (from Latin centum)
Information (common all over the world, not just in English-speaking lands.)
Last (from Biblical Greek, the Alpha and Omega)
Jupiter (probably from the Greek Zeta for Zeus -- with the cross bar on the end, a common feature in alchemical and astrological symbols, probably as an attempt to Christianize what could be considered a pagan activity.)
Peace (from the semaphore positions for N and D, meaning nuclear disarmament)
Pluto (from both PLuto, and the astronomer, Percival Lowell, who predicted it)
Some (used in symbolic logic, from "there Exists ...")
Sum (using the Greek sigma)
Thousand (from Latin mille; however, the Roman numerals I, V, X, L and D are not alphabetic, despite their appearances.)
Uranus (H for Herschel, who discovered it)

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