digital                       found                      arrangements        


Welcome to the pure white space, the altar for 
display of the art object.  The gallery space
defines art by seperating it from the common, 
secular world, framing it in an uncommonly
featureless, smudgeless, empty room.

The web turns the gallery upside down.  In 
the web 'space' the physical world becomes
almost alien -- there is no object to hold
onto.  For me this new medium creates an 
interactive space of its own, providing a 
vantage point from which to take a fresh 
look at the physical space in which we live.


A collection of digitally manipulated images.


A sampling of collaged images taken from 
the poster covered walls of New York City.


Digital compositions that collage images,
patterns and animation (requires Netscape 2.0
or higher).