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July 2020

"Phase 4: Not Going Coronaviral" Party!

This party brought to you, as always, by Confuse-A-Cat, Ltd.

[Nano Elders incl. Corona Jane with

HOSTOIDS: Nick & Jan DiMasi
WHERE: 22W576 Burr Oak Drive, Glen Ellyn
PHONE: 630-790-3435 (Voice only)
DATE: Saturday, July 18
TIME: 8:00 PM until ??:?? AM

(Remember: Bring snacks or desserts to pass and, as always, BYOB!)

I imagine at least many if not most of you are wondering something like, "what the heck is that weird-looking cartoon image?" that I included above, and what does it have to do with the coronavirus currently plaguing our species? Bear with me, and you'll find out. A few years ago (at least five or six I guess), I was looking around for movies or maybe even shows to record and watch later during a free preview of the Starz cable channels. I happen to like superhero and other fantasy/SF cartoons, and when I saw a listing for "The New Adventures of Nanoboy," I had to check it out. (It (he) really should be called "Microboy" - the 'world' he and his squadmates operate in is called the "Microcosmos.") Nanoboy is, in everyday life, a full-size boy who shrinks himself down to microscopic size and joins up with his squadmates, Isaac Neuron and Corona Jane (who are always microscopic), to fight micro-baddies. I got the pun on Isaac Newton of course (the character is a supergenius who, as I recall, is sometimes clueless about non-scientific things), but I never understood why Jane has the "Corona" moniker. Flash forward to this year and the COVID-19 pandemic, which is the first I'd ever heard of coronaviruses. (In college, I bailed out of pre-med after three semesters, so never went beyond Biology 101 - maybe that's partly why?) About a month ago I was thinking about that show for some reason, and I remembered that the show was written and produced in Singapore, where I gather many people have heard about coronaviruses for more than a few years (e.g. SARS). Then, the name "Corona" Jane made sense (except that she's not a villain; but I guess "Antibody" or "T-Cell" Jane wouldn't have rolled off the tongue as well &^). The image above is from the episode "Nano Elders" (they normally don't look old, but for my purposes it was the closest thing available to an image of Jane looking sickly).

Here is a link to an IMDB page for the show, with a photo gallery, if you're curious. I put the "not sign" over Corona Jane's face not because I have any aversion to the character - she's a hero, like her squadmates. It's just a graphic way of reminding everyone that of course we don't want any real-life Corona Janes (or Johns) showing up at the party. If you don't have COVID symptoms, and haven't tested positive, you are welcome here. The good news for us this month is that here in Illinois we're in Phase 4 of our state's COVID-19 response, so we can have gatherings of up to 50 people. That's effectively no limit for our DuPage SF&F parties; I don't know whether we've ever had as many as 50 people show up at one of our gatherings. Just remember this little ditty: It may be trite, but it's so true: Your mask protects me; my mask protects you. If you forget your mask (surely everyone has one by now?), we will have a few spares - Uber sent me a pack of them for free (and recently has been sending me notices that I can get more "health and safety supplies"). By the way, I still only drive for Uber Eats - I never signed up for driving people around, which turned out to be a good choice after all.

Meanwhile, the date of our party is also National Sour Candy Day, National Caviar Day, National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day (personally, I say "yechhh" to all those &^) and National Toss Away the "Could Haves" and "Should Haves" Day, according to the National Day Calendar website. Whether you feel like celebrating any of the above, something else - like the resumption of our parties without the need for RSVPs - or nothing at all, we hope to see you at the party!

Remember, please keep an eye on our Web site for future announcements: http://dupage-sf.club. We are sending a monthly email notice to those folks for whom we have current email addresses. If you're interested, send your up-to-date email address to Nick (see the contacts page).

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