DuPage Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

October 2019

"Every Day Is A Bit Like Halloween" Party!

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HOSTOIDS: Doug Drummond & Helen Gbala
WHERE: 21W134 Club Terrace, Itasca
PHONE: 630-773-9770
DATE: Saturday, October 17
TIME: 8:00 PM until ??:??

(Remember: Bring a snack or dessert to pass and, as always, BYOB!)

Our party this month is a little too far from the date of Halloween to make it a real Halloween party, IMHO (and our hostoids didn't ask me to call it one). However, it seems to me that, at least partly because we're all (supposed to be) wearing masks when out and about, and maybe partly because a lot of what's going on can be at least a bit scary right now, every day is a bit like Halloween. So, as long as we're wearing masks, I thought it would be fun if we wore unusual or fancy masks rather than the 'generic' ones that most of us wear around. If you don't happen to have anything other than a plain mask, then wear that of course and feel free to wear some other sort of decorative item like a special hat, headband, scarf, pendant, blinkie, etc. (or both a special mask and some other item if you like). I don't want anyone to feel left out, so if you don't have anything like those, then maybe an unusual shirt or an unusual example of whatever type of clothing you like to wear would be appropriate. Just remember, it's only "a bit like Halloween," so I'm not talking about wearing costumes. (Not that I have anything against costumes - many of you may have seen me wearing a hall costume at some conventions. Remember cons? I'm sure we'll have those again, in person rather than virtual, someday. &^)

Please join me in giving a big "thank you" to Helen and Doug for volunteering to host the party this month. The date of our party falls on National Mulligan Day (I don't play golf but I definitely could use a Mulligan, or "do-over," on occasion ;^), National Pasta Day, National Black Poetry Day and Sweetest Day, among others. My reference for these is, as usual, National Day Calendar. Whether you feel like celebrating any of these things, something (else) significant, or nothing special at all; i.e. you would just like to spend a Saturday night with some fellow fannish types, Doug & Helen hope to see you at their place. Please note if you are allergic to cats: Helen & Doug still have Georgie, at least the last I've heard &^).

Remember, please keep an eye on our Web site for future announcements: http://dupage-sf.club. We are sending a monthly email notice to those folks for whom we have current email addresses. If you're interested, send your up-to-date email address to Nick (see the contacts page).

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