DuPage Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

January 2020

New Hostoid Party!

HOSTOID: Bill Rechtnitz
WHERE: 90 S. River Rd. (Lot #116), Des Plaines
PHONE: 773-655-7331
DATE: Saturday, January 18
TIME: 8:00 PM until ??:??

(Remember: Bring a dessert or snack to pass and, as always, BYOB!)

Yes, that's right: For the first time in several years, we have a new hostoid this month. Bill Rechtnitz contacted me and volunteered to host this month's party at his new home. He said that this is a good time to host a party there, because he hasn't had time to clutter it up yet. (Nevertheless, right now I'm hoping that this isn't the last time he offers to host a DuPage SF&F Society party. &^) Unless memory fails me, this will be the first time that one of our parties will be hosted in a mobile home. Bill assured me that he will have enough seating for the party (not too hard to pull off, even in a mobile home, as we haven't had much more than a dozen folks at one of these parties in years). In any case, some of you no doubt know Bill from local cons - he has even volunteered at some (in particular, he gophered at some DucKons while I was running Gophers there). I hope you won't be shy about coming out and showing Bill how much we appreciate him as a new hostoid. (I'm only sorry that Jan and I won't be there, as we'll be at ConFusion in the Detroit area that weekend. &^/)

Meanwhile, the date of our party happens to be National Winnie the Pooh Day, National Thesaurus Day and National Use Your Gift Card Day, among others. This is, as usual, according to National Day Calendar. Whether you feel like celebrating one or more of those, something else, or nothing at all - perhaps you just want to spend a Saturday night with some fellow fannish folks - we hope to see you at Bill's!

Remember, please keep an eye on our Web site for future announcements: http://dupage-sf.club. We are sending a monthly email notice to those folks for whom we have current email addresses. If you're interested, send your up-to-date email address to Nick (see the contacts page).

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