The Beatles Moustache Index

From 1963-1966, their mugs were photographed almost daily. When they quit touring, photos that frequency dropped to maybe monthly! Using well-documented photos of the Beatles 1966-69, I have chronicled the growth and shaving of their faces.

EventDate Notes
pre-1962prior to joining Beatles moustache and sideburns Before joining the Beatles in 1962, Ringo frequently wore a moustache and sideburns or a beard. None of the other 3 Beatles wore any facial hair until late 1966.
George visits IndiaSeptember 1, 1966 moustache On George's first trip to India, he grows a moustache.
Sgt Pepper recording sessionsNovember 15, 1966  Moustaches were catching like the flu- not only do the Fab Four grow them, Beatles assistants Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall grow 'em too. There's a whole section devoted to this in The Beatles Anthology book.
"Strawberry Fields Forever" filmJanuary 30, 1967strawberry fields forever filmBy the time they film a video for "Strawberry Fields", George has grown chin whiskers to accompany his moustache.
Sgt Pepper cover photoMarch 30, 1967 Sgt Pepper cover George's chin whiskers are gone for the Sgt Pepper cover photo.
Sgt Pepper LP release partyMay 19, 1967 Sgt Pepper release party All four Beatles had moustaches for about eight months. Paul shaves his moustache before the Sgt Pepper LP is released
"Our World" TV broadcastJune 25, 1967 All You Need Is Love John loses his moustache too: he's clean-shaven for the "All You Need Is Love" TV broadcast.
Yellow Submarine MovieJanuary 25, 1968 Cameo Just before they leave for India, the Beatles film a brief cameo for the Yellow Submarine animated movie. George's moustache is gone, and John grows out his hair and sideburns.
The Beatles visit IndiaJanuary 1968 Rishikesh Everyone leaves their razors in England as they visit Rishikesh, India for an extended stay.
Geoff Emerick's GrammyMarch 1, 1968 emerick In a photo dated 3/1/68, Ringo presents engineer Geoff Emerick with a Grammy. Ringo keeps his thin, patchy beard for awhile. He shaves everything off and starts fresh before the "Hey Bulldog" recording sessions, but otherwise he has a moustache from 1966-thru 1970 and beyond.
Apple press conference in NYCMay 1, 1968 apple Paul and John clean up for a Apple Records press conference in NYC.
White Album sessionsJuly 8, 1968 In a Linda McCartney photo, John wears huge sideburns.
Yellow Submarine Press PreviewJuly 8, 1968 previewRingo's moustache is gone again, at a press preview for the Yellow Submarine movie, which would be released in November.
"Revolution"/"Hey Jude" filmsSeptember 4, 1968hey jude Only Ringo is hairy for the filming of videos for "Hey Jude" and "Revolution".
White Album sessionsSeptember 9, 1968 white album In some White Album session photos, George's moustache is back. The poster photos included with the 2 record set were taken during this period.
Let It Be sessionsJanuary 30, 1969 let it be During the Let It Be sessions, including the rooftop concert, Paul wears a full beard. A somewhat patchier, less full beard can be seen on the back of Paul's solo debut LP, McCartney.
Paul's weddingMarch 12, 1969 wedding Paul and Linda are married, and the cops bust John for pot possession on the same day.
John's weddingMarch 20, 1969 wedding Eight days later, John and Yoko get married in Gibraltar, in the middle of a whirlwind tour of Europe, as documented in "The Ballad Of John & Yoko".
Abbey Road sessionsJuly 1, 1969 George starts his beard, which will be full grown…
Abbey Road cover photoAugust 8, 1969 abbey road …by the time the Abbey Road cover photo is taken.
Last photo shootAugust 22, 1969 tittenhurst The Beatles last ever photo session, at John's Tittenhurst Park estate.