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Welcome to my Red Sox diary, including ticket stubs and exclusive original photographs from two decades of Red Sox baseball. I have also included final scores and highlights of each game. I've seen Mark McGwire hit two home runs in one game, I've seen Tom Gordon as a starter and Pedro Martinez as a closer. But I couldn't remember every detail-- for insanely thorough statistical information about one hundred years of baseball, I strongly recommend and Retrosheet.

Wednesday, October 22, 1986
World Series Game Four versus New York Mets

Red Sox lost 2-6. I was not a baseball fan at age 14, and I don't remember much of the game.
My father won one ticket at a work raffle, and gave it to me.
Honestly, it's too bad a real baseball fan wasn't in my seat.
Thursday, June 28, 1990 versus Toronto Blue Jays
Section 5, seat 1. The ticket got left in my shirt pocket and subsequently ironed.
Red Sox won 4-3. With friend Jenna Dinn. Roger Clemens' line: 8IP 8H 2HR 3R 3ER 1BB 9K.
Tuesday, April 16, 1991 versus Kansas City Royals
Section 23, Row 14, Seat 18, $10.
Red Sox won 5-2. Danny Darwin's line: 7.2IP 5H 1HR 2R 2ER 1BB 7K.
Thursday, May 9, 1991 versus Texas Rangers
Section 26, Row 18, Seat 21, $10.
Red Sox won 8-4. Mike Greenwell goes 3-5, with a single, double, and triple.
Thursday, June 20, 1991 versus Oakland Athletics
Section 9, Row 16, Seat 13, $10.
Red Sox won 8-7. Mike Greenwell went 3-4 with a double and 2 RBI; Tom Brunansky went 3-4 with a HR and 3 RBI. A lot of familiar names on the A's, several of whom would end up on the Sox near the end of their careers:
Jose Canseco: 1-4, HR, walk;
Rickey Henderson: 1-4, triple, 2 RBI, walk;
Mark McGwire: 1-4, HR, 2 RBI, BB;
Harold Baines: 4-5, 2 runs, double.
You may wonder how I could tell the date on this badly mangled stub: Note the #33 below the line ENTER GATE A? That stands for home game #33.
Tuesday, September 17, 1991 versus Baltimore Orioles
Section 23, Row 13, Seat 21, $10.
Red Sox won 4-3.
Sunday, May 2, 1993 versus California Angels
Section 16, Row 5, Seat 1, $10.
Red Sox won 4-3.
Thursday, May 6, 1993 versus Oakland Athletics
Section 32, Row 9, Seat 1, $10.
Red Sox lost 3-6. Mark McGwire hit two HRs. Clemens' line: 7IP, 7H, 1HR 5R 4ER 3BB 6K
Tuesday, May 18, 1993 versus Toronto Blue Jays
Section 32, Row 5, Seat 15, $10.
The Game Which Never Happened? Neither or Retrosheet list this game, so I don't know what happened here. My guess is the game was rained out, and I never went to the make-up game? The fact that this ticket stub has not been torn backs up this theory.
Thursday, June 29, 1995 versus Detroit Tigers
Section 27 (roof), Row A, Seat 5, $16.
Red Sox won 7-1. Wakefield's line: CG, 8H 1R 1HR 1ER 1BB 5K
Sunday, June 9, 1996 versus Milwaukee Brewers
Section 7, Row G, Seat 21, $18.
Red Sox lost in 11 innings 8-11. Tom Gordon as a starter: 4IP 9H 0HR 7R 7ER 4BB 0K
Note the debut of art on the ticket stub: this stub depicts Mo Vaughn swatting a ball, although he appears to be standing in the outfield? I think some artistic licence was used here...
Monday, July 15, 1996 versus New York Yankees
Section 3, Row 5, Seat 8, $14.
Red Sox won 8-6. I showed up late- my friend Dan Sher met me at the gate with my ticket.
Wakefield's line: 5IP 13H 0HR 6R 6ER 1BB 4K. H.Slocumb SV(13)
Saturday, July 26, 1997 versus Anaheim Angels
Section 11, Row QQ, Seat 1, $21.
Red Sox won 7-6. John Valentin, Mike Stanley, and Mo Vaughn homer.
Saturday, July 25, 1998 versus Toronto Blue Jays
Section 42 (bleacher), Row 31m Seat 25, $12.
Red Sox won 5-3. Saberhagen started, D-Lowe pitched perfect 8th, Tom Gordon pitched perfect 9th.
This stub depicts Nomar Garciaparra in retro-Red Sox garb.
Saturday, August 29, 1998 versus Anaheim Angels
Section 27, Row 8, Seat 9, $20.
Red Sox won 6-1. Pedro's line: 8IP 7H 0HR 1R 1ER 1BB 8K
Saturday, July 17, 1999 versus Philadelphia Phillies
Section 11, Row 14, Seat 7, $24.
Red Sox lost 3-11. Eight Phillies combine for 18 hits, but only 1 HR; Sox pitchers strike out 2 all day.
This stub features a Final Season Of The Century logo, back in the days when the new century seemed like a big deal. After the game, we went to Chili's in the Copley Place mall and the TVs were filled with the breaking news of the JFK Jr. plane crash, which had happened the night before.
Saturday, August 14, 1999 versus Seattle Mariners
Section 4 (roof), Row C, seat 5, $26.
Red Sox won 13-2. Everyone was expecting Petey to start, but he arrived late to the park.
Bryce Florie 4ip, then Rheal Cormier for a third, Petey came in relief for the win.
Ken Griffey Jr: 0-4
Edgar Martinez: 1-3, walk
A-Rod: 2-4, RBI, run

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