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Disc 1:
Pere Ubu 1975-1977



30 Seconds Over Tokyo (6:21)
Heart of Darkness (4:44)
Final Solution (4:58)
Cloud 149 (2:37)
Untitled (3:32)
My Dark Ages (4:00)
Heaven (3:04)
Nonalignment Pact (3:18)
The Modern Dance (3:28)

Laughing (4:35)
Street Waves (3:04)
Chinese Radiation (3:27)
Life Stinks (1:52)
Real World (4:00)
Over My Head (3:49)
Sentimental Journey (6:06)
Humor Me (2:43)
The Book Is On The Table (4:02)

Running Time is 69:29.

Produced by Pere Ubu & Ken Hamann.
All songs written by Pere Ubu except "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" (Laughner-O'Connor-Thomas), "Heart of Darkness" (Thomas-Herman-Krauss-Laughner-Wright), "Final Solution" (Bell-Thomas-Pere Ubu), and "Life Stinks" (Laughner).
© 1996 Ubu Projex BMI.


30 Seconds Over Tokyo
A Rocket From The Tombs song. Inspired by the kids book about Doolittle's heroic raid on Tokyo.

Heart of Darkness
First song written for Pere Ubu. Listen to it so that you pass the CEI bend on I-90 going west as the song starts. Then go where you think you should. "I don't see anything I want" was written driving up Cedar Road going east just past the intersection with Fairmount Blvd. Never did like Cleveland Hts.

Final Solution
A Rocket From The Tombs song. Written to the scansion of Summertime Blues, the Blue Cheer version. See comments to Non-alignment Pact.

Cloud 149
David's favorite lyric: "Here she comes. There she goes. Oh Oh Oh"

My Dark Ages
"My Back Pages." Driving west joining Carnegie Blvd just where Chester branches off at night with street lights and a summer haze in the air

First of a LONG series of songs about sound.

Non-alignment Pact
Apocalyptic teen vision of a world gone terribly wrong. Inspired, of course, by Summertime Blues: "Gonna take my problem to the United Nations!"

The Modern Dance
The sound tapes are from the West Side Market on Saturday and tv applause tracks.

Loaded with lines lifted from the film "Badlands." The song was inspired by the name of a truck stop in the middle of the Pennsylvannia Interstate wilderness called something like "Bill's Laff Inn."

Street Waves
At Detroit & W.80th Street there was a used tire store selling stacks of rotting rubber. Driving west on Detroit, listening to CKLW and looking at those tires is what the song is about. Glad you asked?

Chinese Radiation
Two facts inspired the song:

  1. In the early Seventies, irradiated dust from Chinese nuclear tests regularly fell on Cleveland.
  2. Cleveland, in the Sixties, was home to the largest concentration of Maoists outside mainland China.

Chinese Radiation is a Love Song.

Life Stinks
This is a Rocket From The Tombs song.

Real World
This is a song about New Year's Eve at the Viking Saloon.

Over My Head
This is a song about smoke.

Humor Me
Concering the death of Peter Laughner.