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Disc 2:
Pere Ubu 1978-1979



Navvy (2:40)
On The Surface (2:35)
Dub Housing (3:40)
Caligari's Mirror (3:49)
Thriller! (4:36)
I, Will Wait (1:46)
Drinking Wine Spodyody (2:44)
Ubu Dance Party (4:46)
Blow Daddy O (3:38)
Codex (4:54)

The Fabulous Sequel (3:07)
49 Guitars & One Girl (2:51)
A Small Dark Cloud (5:49)
Small Was Fast (3:30)
All The Dogs Are Barking (3:02)
One Less Worry (3:46)
Make Hay (4:02)
Goodbye (5:17)
Voice of The Sand (1:27)
Kingdom Come (3:15)

Running Time is 72:06.

Produced by Pere Ubu & Ken Hamann.
All songs written by Pere Ubu. © 1978-79 Ubu Projex BMI.


A song about sound.

On The Surface
This is another song about sound. The sound tape is a Dutch radio phone-in.

Dub Housing
Title inspired by the terraced houses of Baltimore's streets and this seems to have something to do with the way people are.

Caligari's Mirror
This is a song about residents of the Plaza seen driving a pickup truck with stereo dogs in the back.

Recorded at the Discohome, a pink house in Cleveland Heights shared by David Thomas & John Thompson. Part home, part record store, it featured a mock-up of the Hollywood Squares in the living room.

I Will Wait
This is a song about the Flats, written on returning from the first European tour.

Ubu Dance Party
The sound tape is a National Weather Bureau broadcast.

Blow daddy-o
For reference see one of those beatnik-era records like BONGOS BONGOS BONGOS.

The soundtrack to one of those time delay movies of a day passing quickly over a city with clouds racing overhead and lights flowing like blood..

Fabulous Sequel
Written as an excuse to start the album with "It's me again."

49 Guitars & One Girl
Another song about sound.

A Small Dark Cloud
Film soundtrack

Small Was Fast
And yet another song about the sound of things.

All The Dogs Are Barking
Tony noted that when things on the street went weird all the dogs in the Plaza began barking at once. Al Green was big at the time.

One Less Worry
Related to Dub Housing.

The farewell. Ubu was in trouble.

The Voice of The Sand
The lyrics are taken from a poem by Vachel Lindsay. David's father did his Master's on Lindsay. A recording of Lindsay reading his work became a huge influence on his singing style. Tim/Kerr Records is run by great nephew of the man.