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Disc 3:
Pere Ubu 1980-1982

Go (3:35)
Rhapsody In Pink (3:34)
Arabia (4:59)
Young Miles In The Basement (4:20)
Misery Goats (2:38)
Loop (3:15)
Rounder (3:24)
Birdies (2:27)
Lost In Art (5:12)
Horses (2:35)
Crush This Horn (3:00)

The Long Walk Home (2:35)
Petrified (2:16)
Stormy Weather (3:18)
West Side Story (2:46)
Thoughts That Go By Steam (3:47)
Big Ed's Used Farms (2:24)
A Day Such As This (7:16)
The Vulgar Boatman Bird (2:49)
My Hat (1:19)
Horns Are A Dilemma (4:21)

Running Time is 72:51.

Index 1-11 produced by Pere Ubu & Paul Hamann.
All songs written by Pere Ubu except "Horses" (Thompson).
© 1980 Ubu Projex BMI/Copyright Control 1980, except "Horses" Copyright Control 1980.
Index 12-21 produced by Adam Kidron.All songs written by Pere Ubu.
© 1982 Ubu Projex BMI/Rough Trade Music/Copyright Control 1982.


Another song about the Euclid 6 bus.

Rhapsody In Pink
Started as a pun on the phrase "under the weather."

Supposed to have been an instrumental. After the album was finished, panic about the number of instrumentals on the album. Quick vocal take for no other good reason.

Young Miles In The Basement
Lyric seemed obvious after hearing the demo.

Misery Goats
A northern English phrase, "misery guts," misheard.

Descended from Dub Housing.

Lost In Art
Scott and Tony were laying down tracks of ambient mood. They asked David if he could do anything with it. "Yeah, play drums."

Originally released on an early 70's Mayo Thompson solo record, Corky's Debt To His Father.

Crush This Horn
Meant to duplicate radio surfing, tuning thru the in-between regions on the radio dial setting up loops of static, noise and song fragments. We simulated bridges, power lines and engine interference. To test it's "authenticity" Paul set up a broadcast rig and we drove up & down I-90 trying to find it on the dial! Never could be sure we'd found it.

The Long Walk Home
Written walking east on Lake Avenue approaching the intersection with Clifton Blvd.

Use of A Dog
This was supposed to mean something at the time but I can't remember. A dead end. Probably part of a Man Child series.

The first reference of several to Velikovsky.

Stormy Weather
Talking about one thing and meaning something altogether different. This album seemed to be about ways of seeing and avoiding. Another song about sound.

West Side Story
Lake Erie + Winter = Home. Algebra.

Thoughts That Go By Steam
Vachel Lindsay song.

Big Ed's Used Farms
See above for Stormy Weather.

A Day Such As This
Still dogging the theme.

The Vulgar Boatman Bird
STILL dogging the theme.

My Hat
STILL dogging the theme.

Horns Are A Dilemma
...You guessed.