PERE UBU / Datapanik In the Year Zero

The Box Set

DGC Records is proud to announce the release of Datapanik In The Year Zero, a five cd, mid-priced box set of classic Pere Ubu from 1975 to 1982.

The albums represented are THE MODERN DANCE, DUB HOUSING, NEW PICNIC TIME, ART OF WALKING, SONG OF THE BAILING MAN as well as the original DATAPANIK IN THE YEAR ZERO ep: That's Three And A Half Hours of Studio Ubu. But that's not all! Also included is more than an hour's worth of never before released live recordings in Ubu's official bootleg series. And THAT, for most people, would be enough-- Four And A HALF Hours of Ubu. More than any sensible person could ask for! But the discerning Ubu fan demands more... And he gets it!! Also included is TERMINAL DRIVE-- One And One Quarter Hour's Worth of gem-like, Ubu-related rarities from the Cleveland Years!! Own it all. Own it now. Offer will not be repeated.

 The cds have been remastered from original analog tapes at Suma and the quality far exceeds previous cd reissues of the Ubu catalog. [see the Bug Report at Ubu Web for more info].

The box set is a limited release. A general release of the albums as individual cds will follow beginning in 1997 [See the box set/reissue FAQ at the Ubu Projex web site for more info]. The rarities disk and the live disk will NOT be released individually. A quick glance over the track listing for the box set reveals some omissions and some "corrections."

"Use of A Dog" from SONG OF THE BAILING MAN is missing from the disk 1980-1982. There was no room for it. The disk is 73 minutes long. The limit is 74 minutes.

"Not Happy" & "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" from TERMINAL TOWER are also missing from the disk 1980-1982 for the same reason.

The live version of "Humor Me" from TERMINAL TOWER is missing from the disk 1978-1979 for the same reason.

The Hearpen singles are all represented. Remember that the Hearpen sides of "Street Waves" and "Modern Dance" are the same sides that appear on the album THE MODERN DANCE. "Modern Dance" was slightly re-mixed for the album.

"Arabia", "Young Miles In The Basement" and "Misery Goats" are all the "correct" versions [see the Bug Report at Ubu Web for more info].

The digital transfer from the original analog master mix tapes used Suma's custom built 20-bit DA processor. We made every effort to remain true to the intentions of the original mix while using Sumex equalization software to enhance detail and clarity where indicated. We constantly A/B'ed the analog original with the digital eq and once or twice actually degraded the digital eq in order to stay true to the original. See the Bug Report for a brief analysis of previous cd issues. Remember that vinyl always cut away more of our sound than it enhanced. It was a pleasure to hear some of the detail restored.

Credits, Contacts & More Info

Digital transfer and eq by David Thomas & Paul Hamann at Suma in 1994.
Box Set packaging and design by John Thompson.
Terminal Drive disk compiled by Jim Jones & David Thomas.
Geffen A&R Coordinator: Ray Farrell

Chief photographers: Mik Mellen, Mark Perott.
Additional photography and art supplied by: Mik Mellen, Tom Simon, Jim Clinefelter, John Hume, John Dahlien and John Thompson.
Text for the booklet (and these web pages) supplied by Ubu Projex, Charlotte Pressler and Gary Mollica.

See the Discs section for additional credits.

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