Story of Pere Ubu - 2

Rocket From The Tombs guitarist Peter Laughner wanted to join Ubu. The group's soundman, Tim Wright, agreed to learn bass and bought a used Dan Electro 6-string. Scott Krauss played drums in a series of cool impromptu groups that jammed at a house over on 23rd Street. He and Peter lived at an apartment house not far away called The Plaza, an urban pioneer outpost part owned by Allen Ravenstine. Allen experimented with sound and had a reputation for unique activity.

Also living at The Plaza was a steel worker named Tom Herman. He had a Morley Power Fuzz Wah pedal and liked to play guitar all night at a house over on Payne. It seemed like all these people belonged together. At the end of September Pere Ubu recorded the "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" single (Hearthan Records HR101).