b each b oys
see dee +

Pere Ubu's second see dee plus, Beach Boys, will be released May 21st 1996 on Tim/Kerr Records. The full title is "Beach Boys see dee plus by a band called Pere Ubu" for reasons of avoiding Negativland-type lawsuits.

See Dee + is also known as Enhanced CD or as CD Extra, depending on who's doing the describing. A see dee plus is a new data format. In the olden days the Beach Boys release would be a cd single. Today it's more. Put it in an audio compact disc player and it will play like every other rotten cd ever produced. Put it in a Mac or a Wintel machine and the rom material, the "multimedia," becomes available. One disk. Two ways to play it.

A summary of the minimum computer specs neccessary to play the multimedia portions of this disk in your CD-ROM drive can be found at the bottom of this page. For more technical info see the Ubu Projex see dee plus tech support page. If you have questions you can contact Ubu Projex Tech Dept (ha!) by email at techsupp@projex.demon.co.uk.

Audio Tracks

Beach Boys (Pere Ubu) (3:57)
(from the lp RAY GUN SUITCASE)
Down By The River (Pere Ubu) (6:05)
Recorded live in Washington DC, 10/18/95
Louisiana Train Wreck (Pere Ubu) (4:35)
Recorded live in Nijmegen, 11/16/95
Montana (Pere Ubu) (5:20)
Recorded live in Vancouver, 10/27/95

ROM Material

Full length video clips of the following songs recorded live in Seattle, WA on 10/29/95:

Worlds In Collision (Pere Ubu) (3:12)
Red Sky (Pere Ubu) (5:20)
Beach Boys (Pere Ubu) (6:18)
Rounder (Pere Ubu) (3:22)
My Dark Ages (Pere Ubu) (6:16)

Plus a larger size quicktime of the Folly of Youth video, a full length animation of Turquoise Fins by David Thomas, and other bits & pieces.

All told that's more than 40 minutes of previously unreleased live material performed by the latest version of Pere Ubu (David Thomas, Tom Herman, Robert Wheeler, Michele Temple and Steve Mehlman).

Other credits: David Thomas did all the programming and quicktime. John Thompson designed the package. Suma and Nimbus did the mastering. Tom Herman, Mike Freitas & Paul Hamann accomplished the audio mastering.

[IMAGE: Beach Boys See Dee + Cover; ~32k GIF]

Tech Info

Macintosh Suggested Minimum Spec:

A 68040 Mac with 4mb free RAM.

A 2X Apple CD-ROM drive (or any other multisession, "Blue Book" capable drive).

System 7.1. Quicktime 2.1 & Sound Manager 3.1 software are necessary & included on the disk. You may need the Apple CD-ROM Software v. 5.1.2 (or later)-- it's free-- to read the disk if you have an Apple drive.

Tested successfully on a Quadra 610, Performa 630 & a PowerPC 8500.

Windows Suggested Minimum Spec:

A 486 cpu running at 33mhz, Windows 3.1, 8mb RAM, 2mb swapfile storage, 256 colors monitor, 100% Windows-compatible sound & video cards, and a 2X multisession, "Blue Book" capable CD-ROM drive. The soundcard needs to deal with 16-bit sound successfully and the video card should be accelerated for Windows.

Quicktime For Windows software is needed and is included free on the disk.

Tested successfully on a Pentium @90mhz running a 2X scsi rom drive, a Gateway 2000 486 @66mhz running Windows 95, and a Compaq Presario 386@66mhz running a 2X drive. My Sound Blaster Pro card wouldn't work but it almost ran on my 486SX @25mhz with 4 meg RAM and a glacial DOS-era video card. Almost. Those were the test machines but with Windows there are no guarantees. Caveat emptor.

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