Cleveland, Ohio

Baseball team: The Cleveland Indians. One winning season since trading away Rocky Colavito in 1960. Until recently.

Located on Lake Erie. Known as "The Forest City" because of a muchness of treeness & an "Emerald Necklace" of parks.

Founded by Moses Cleaveland in 1796. The "a" was dropped in the 1840's after 'The Plain Dealer' bought a new type font only to discover that the name "Cleaveland" was now too long to fit across the front page. Something had to give.

Facts: Elliot Ness was safety director & ran for mayor. His tragic end is described in 'Torso' by Steven Nickel... Baldwin Reservoir is the largest covered reservoir... The city fathers ran John D Rockefeller out of town... Salt mines extend far out under the lake & house cosmic ray experiments... The Perry nuclear reactor is built on the only fault line in the area... We had our own missle base... We had the largest Hungarian speaking population in the world, second only to Budapest.