The Ubu Project: How it works... (or not)

Projects: Pere Ubu was organized as a one-off project. The original members dreaded the idea of getting into yet another band. That Ubu had limited goals appealed to musicians with difficult personalities & uncompromising views. Today, Ubu continues as a series of projects, each specific & limited. Artistic & commercial goals, theories, method of work, even personnel are considered set only for the life of a project.

The Rules: Decisions are often by consensus. "The Rules" derive from precedent, accident, and only rarely from considered discussion. They survive each project, the only solid ground in an otherwise shifty world. Band meetings are hideous affairs & avoided. A question, no matter how inconsequential, is liable to paralyze the collective. A group of anything more than two Ubus setting off in search of dinner or postcards, for example, is liable to get itself bogged down in a quicksand of indecision & self-doubt. Consequently, the group's affairs, great & small, are decided more by the flow of circumstance than conscious effort.