Pug Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' From the
House of Puggin’
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The Puggle passed away on Christmas Eve 2005. He'd been diagnosed with congestive heart failure the week before, but he received treatment that let him enjoy a final week of companionship. May you be blessed with devotion and companionship as unwavering as that you gave to me, my dear friend. Namaste!
Pug's Page on Catster
I wish someone would come visit me sometime…
Smile pretty for the camera, Pug...
Turn the beat around... Love to hear percussion... A compelling demonstration why cats don't rule the universe!
Pug after attempting to clean my bicycle chain. I shit you not. That's self-inflicted chain grease. Inside that pretty head is a brain the size of a hazelnut.
Do I look like a kitten? Do I?
Pug flosses more often than most of the people I know!
"I know the angles are all wrong, I'm practising my snowboarding stance!"
Flatness is next to godliness.
Pug knows that the secret to winning staring contests is to engage in them when you're lying down!
A cat's box is his castle.
You've heard of the "Jaws of Life"? Well meet the "Jaws of Death"!
Find any ice cream, Pug?
Don't even think you're gonna scratch my belly without serious injury...
Working at full capacity...
So what if it's a formal sitting? My foot itches!
I'll slip you some tongue, honey...
Just sitting on my butt all day...
What was that?! Did you hear something?!
I always feel like... somebody's watching me... and I have no privacy...
Puggle's a lifestyle cat...
Pug's very conscientious about flossing after meals. He's even gotten quite good at grasping his floss in his paws.
You never know what kind of perils there are in the House of Puggin'. Even getting in bed can be a dangerous proposition!
Pug's a big fan of Frosted Flakes -- even before the milk's been added!
Moving in -- look at all this storage space!
Welcome the Eviscerator!
Pug & Orny
Pug has a funny laugh!
Pug is after Inna's 'shroom
Pug likes to just hang, like his larger cousin...
The last thing a mouse sees...
Attack of the Surf Rat!
The Guardian Gargoyle!
DANGER! Predator At Work!
Bite head of rat!!!
Bite rat head again!!!
A casual desktop portrait
What Pug does best!!!
Get that flash outta my eyes!
Call the plumber! I think I've got a ball of hair clogging my drain!
Portrait, with Milk Crates...
Bedspins SUCK!
A close-up -- one of the few Pug pictures without red-eye
Was last night Mardi Gras?
And sometimes I must bravely save the world from untold danger!!!
Pug In Flight I
Pug In Flight II
Pug In Flight III!
Karn Evil Pug
  Puggle the Cat
Puggle the Cat
June 9 1991–December 24 2005
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