Deface A Masterpiece!

<IMG ALIGN="texttop" SRC="oldimages/moname.gif" HEIGHT=197 WIDTH=152> If you can read this, you dont't have the Shockwave Plug-In for Netscape 2.0!

Ever thought Da Vinci could have been a bit more forgiving in his depiction of Mona Lisa? Or perhaps he was too forgiving? What about the rumor that the painting is actually a self-portrait of Leonardo himself? Now you have the chance to match your aesthetic wits with the artist himself! Even if you've just a frustrated tagger who hasn't found a way of getting past Louvre glass and security, you can feel free to tag away!

Just find the drawing point by running the cursor over the picture until it turns into a target-like shape, click, and drag. When you have the point at a place where you would like to draw, hit the "s" key on your keyboard. If you want to move the point without leaving trails, hit the "f" key. To change colors, click on one of the color dots under the "mona!" box.

Have Fun!

--Samantha Fine