Patrick McGuinn (Producer, Director, Co-Writer) graduated from New York University's Film School, worked as an assistant film editor on PBS documentaries, and made several short films (and longer ones) which have been widely distributed on home video in the U.S., including DESERT SPIRITS, PUPPETS & DEMONS, SUROH:ALIEN HITCHHIKER, and SPF 2000. KILL ME TOMORROW is his first feature-length project shot on film. He is the son of Roger McGuinn, legendary founder of the Byrds.

Jonathan Ceniceroz (Co-Writer) brings his theatrical expertise to KILL ME TOMORROW, as he is best known as a playwright and fiction writer. A 1990 graduate of the UCLA Program in Writing, Ceniceroz has been living in New York City for five fruitful years. His play, WRECKERS, was commissioned by New Dramatists, where he is a Van Lier Fellow, and his new play LUPÉ, NOW has received a reading from the Mark Taper Forum development group in Los Angeles.

Peter Perrone (Co-Writer/Production Manager/JED STYLES) is a freelance writer living in New York City. His pieces have appeared in Interview and other publications. He has also worked as a research assistant to Susan Sontag, Albert Goldman, and John Richardson, author of the definitive biography of Picasso.

Todd Downing (Editor, 2nd Unit Director of Photography) has worked for Avon as a photographer and made a few short films, among them DIRTY BABY DOES FIRE ISLAND, an international gay & lesbian film festival sensation.

Thor Newcomb (Director of Photography) studied art history and filmmaking at Rutgers University. He has made several short films, and has produced an independent feature, DIE LUCAS, DIE!

Susan Tatom (Art Director) is a professional art director and set designer based in New York City. She has worked on numerous Hollywood features and nationally broadcast commercials, as well as a spate of independent films.

Christian Hawkins (Music Composer) Has released a number of recordings on his own label, and recently toured and performed with the infamous 1960's rock band, THE SILVER APPLES.

Chris Larsen (Sound Designer) is a filmmmaker and digital audio artist who resides in New York City. Recently he participated in the construction of a vast website for CBS News. He also did the sound design for Todd Downing's short film, DIRTY BABY DOES FIRE ISLAND.

Carol A. Ross (Co-Editor) has worked primarily on television news journalism programs for CBS, including CRONKITE REMEMBERS, and an A&E Biography on Walter Cronkite. KILL ME TOMORROW is her first feature film.



About the Cast

Louisa Shafia (TRICIA) has studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and Terry Schreiber Studio in New York City. Her concentration has been in Shakespearean theatre. She has acted in numerous short and feature films and television shows, including MARTIAL LAW and INVISIBLE MAN.

Joseph Paolini (WARREN) is a student at School of Visual Arts, NYC, enrolled in cinematography coursework. Previously, he acted in Patrick McGuinn’s SPF 2000.

Colleen O’Neill (GRACE BLAKELY) is a co-founder of the Tweed Theatre Group in New York City, which has developed and performed ironic versions of classic camp "B"-Movies for gay and lesbian audiences for over ten years. She has acted in many independent short and feature films, including SPF 2000.

Rachel Alvarado (SERENA) formerly a professional ballet dancer with Feld Ballets in New York City, studied acting at the New York Professional Performing Arts School. Previously she has acted in STORY OF A BAD BOY. KILL ME TOMORROW is her second film.

Lyndee Yamshon (HOLLY) has studied dance, singing, and acting all over the Northeastern United States. Gregory Hines noticed her talent for tap in a delicatessen in New York City, and strongly encouraged her to continue the tap tradition. Currently she is working with a music producer on some British "techno" recordings. KILL ME TOMORROW is her feature film debut.

Tamera Gindlesperger (JOCELYN) is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has acted in many stage productions of classic American Theatre, and has appeared in a handful of independent films. She has also worked for Children’s Television Workshop, appearing on the internationally distributed "Sesame English Hour."

Gregory Sheppard (RUSSELL) is a high school student in New York City. At 15 years of age, he is the youngest cast member. He enjoys rap/urban music in his spare time, and likes to hang out on the rough streets of Manhattan. KILL ME TOMORROW is his feature film debut.

Kelvin Walker (Assistant Art Director/KEITH) studied filmmaking at NYU, where he met Patrick McGuinn, over ten years ago. He and Patrick have collaborated on numerous student and professional projects, including music videos and screenplays for animated short films. His most recent appearance in one of Patrick’s films is as "Pucci" in SPF 2000. KILL ME TOMORROW is his feature film debut.

Luke Maurer (TIMOTHY) is a high school student in Prattsville, New York. He is interested in becoming an actor and singer when he graduates. KILL ME TOMORROW is his feature film debut.

Virginia Koutroubas (MONIKA) is a high school student in Gilboa, New York. She is adept at computer technology and thinks that her career lies there.

Peter Gingerich (NUDE BODY) is a struggling musician and actor based in New York City who has collaborated with Patrick McGuinn on numerous musical and film ventures including SUROH: ALIEN HITCHHIKER and SPF 2000. In each of these films he has revealed a firm aspect of his lithe body.

James Knox (SECRET AGENT) works for a film transit company in New Jersey. He makes his acting debut in KILL ME TOMORROW.


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