SUROH:Alien Hitchhiker

The following review appeared in SEMIGLOSS MAGAZINE:

SurohIn the tradition of Andy Warhol and John Waters at their cheapest, SUROH:ALIEN HITCHHIKER is a no-budget video-film with a lot of great early 80's video stylization and an eerie pulsating electronic soundtrack. A UFO crashes one night on the outskirts of a small southwestern city. Paul, a reporter visiting from out of town, drives to the site and stumbles upon an Alien Being. Suroh, as the alien is called, puts a temporary trance on Paul so that he will cooperate in getting him to safety. Wounded by the crash, Suroh is taken to Paul's motel room. There, the two embark on a night of cosmic emotional intercourse. Paul is "initiated" into a psychic and spiritual re-birth and metamorphosis. The next day, Suroh is ailing and asks Paul to take him to his "interdimensional portal" so that he can return (perhaps bringing Paul with him, since they are now in love) to his own World. By the end, government officials have caught up to the two. It's questionable whether Paul and Suroh will survive and make it to the interdimensional window. SUROH: ALIEN HITCHHIKER utilizes some of the strange visual techniques of early Devo videos, with similar oddball philosophy and humor. Paul Director Patrick McGuinn fuels the motel encounter scene with a perverse sexual intensity. Peter Gingerich shines as Paul, innocent yet sexually driven, and Phillip deLeon as Suroh excels in what must have been a very constraining costume. An adult-oriented E.T., the film explores the consequences and possible benefits of a human-alien love affair, with some truly unique insights. Although it's low budget, the video is engaging, with a powerful ambient/groove score by Pons Halo and Starecase. The soundtrack and video are sure to be enjoyed by EBE-Philes everywhere. - Stanley Pye

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