SUROH:Alien Hitchhiker


Paul Paul, a cynical L.A. journalist assigned to cover a UFO convention in New Mexico, stops in Tucson on the way to visit an old friend, Jeff. Under the stars and by a campfire, through a haze of marijuana smoke, Paul and Jeff discuss the possibility of Alien Life. Paul heaps scorn upon the idea, but on the drive back to his cheap motel room Paul discovers SUROH: THE ALIEN HITCHHIKER lying wounded in the road. Suroh, needing assistance, puts a trance on Paul and has Paul take him to safety. Back at the motel room, Suroh initiates Paul into a psychic, spiritual, and sexual metamorphosis which causes Paul to question the very nature of his existence. Fleeing from ill-intentioned government agents, Paul desperately seeks return Suroh to his interdimensional portal, hoping to save him and join him in the infinite cosmos.

Director's Statement:

PlanetMy obsession with the idea of life on other planets goes back to my childhood pastime of watching STAR TREK reruns on Sunday afternoons. The idea of odd creatures existing in other galaxies inspired me to wonder why I couldn't meet or experience the companionship of some wondrous being. Persecuted for being "different," I understood the feeling of "other" as a child, and the prospect of an enlightened being who would understand me made me desirous to know what was out in the universe. Speed forward several years , and Steven Spielberg capitalized on all these childhood insecurities with his film E.T. I couldn't stand that movie. It was a glob of syrup that left a horrible taste in my mouth. Perhaps if I'd been ten years younger, I would have appreciated it. But being a teenager made me angry and rebellious. I focused my energy on punk rock. The music of the B-52's was a synthesis of earthly and otherworldly concerns blended into a sense of humor I could appreciate. The idea of hybrid/synthesis rears its head in their songs Suroh and Paul"Quiche Lorraine" and "Planet Claire." In both songs, Man and another species are involved in an intimate relationship. It was something I could relate to, or at least wonder about. Speed forward another several years, and my disillusionment with human involvements leads me to believe, again, that there is an ideal that can not be obtained on this Earth, but perhaps elsewhere in the Universe. Coupled with the fact that many individuals are coming forward with their stories of Alien Abduction for sexual purposes, I realized that there was a need to bridge my fantasies with a void in human compassion/understanding for the "other," in this case, E.T.'s who may be in need of human contact, but are a little unaware of how best to present their intentions to humans who feel nothing but fear. SUROH: ALIEN HITCHHIKER was born. I look at this film as a modern love story. It could be translated into any other characters of "different" nature (i.e. gay , interracial, and other mainstream "taboos"), and the element of human compassion and understanding would be no less potent. This is a time for barriers to be broken. It is my hope that SUROH will be a preparation, a tonic for those who fear the turn of the century, and the idea that Aliens from another dimension could be actively involved in our evolutionary growth. Soon, something amazing is supposed to happen. Whatever this amazing event may be, we should at least expect to be surprised beyond our wildest dreams. Keep an open mind.

-Patrick McGuinn

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