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Updated Nov. 23, 1996


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SlipKnot Wins Shareware Award

On June 23, 1995 Ziff-Davis/PC Magazine announced the winners of its annual Shareware Competition. Over 1,300 entries were submitted, "judged for innovativeness, quality and value", and subsequently divided into 16 functional categories.

Felix Kramer's Grand Links Page

This page is a remarkable starting place for Web exploration, and was developed for SlipKnot users by Felix Kramer who has been traveling the Web for some time. It has over 1,400 links to places useful and curious, delightful and strange.

SlipKnot Tools and Add-On Programs (under construction)

This page provides links to add-on tools, viewers, and useful programs for SlipKnot users. We have links to alternate graphics viewers, sound players, animation viewers, etc. which can be installed into SlipKnot Web's Configure/Viewers menu. In addition, we will post links about useful HTML authoring information, and HTML authoring tools for those who want to create their own pages.

The SlipKnot FAQ file

This file details many of the problems and solutions of the SlipKnot installation process.

If you are using a version later than 1.0, you should have a version of this file already on your hard disk (called SNTFAQ1.TXT in your \SLIPKNOT directory). However, this FAQ is periodically updated.

The latest FAQ can be retrieved from here:

or from here:

Feel free to repost this text FAQ file on local newgroups.

The currently available version is 1.50

To find out the version of SlipKnot that you are using, click on the Help/About menu item. If it is earlier than the currently available version, please read the directions below on upgrading.

Directions for upgrading:

  1. Click on one of the two links below to retrieve the upgrade file.
  2. Be sure to place the upgrade file in the SlipKnot "UPGRADE" or "DOWNLOAD" subdirectory.
  3. When finished retrieving the file, exit SlipKnot completely.
  4. In the SlipKnot Windows group of icons, you will find one that launches the SlipKnot Upgrade (it's the "NEW" icon). Pressing that one will execute the automatic upgrade process.
  5. If successful, you will be able to run the new version of SlipKnot.

Getting the Upgrade:

What's new in Version 1.50?

Once you've upgraded (remember, upgrading is free) you can read about more about the new features in 1.50 in our SlipKnot Tips (which comes up automatically when you enter SlipKnot Web). These Tips can now be printed out (we recommend you do so).

SlipKnot Web

SlipKnot Terminal

What was new in Version 1.40?


SlipKnot 1.40 is now compatible with Freenets and BBS's. This feature DOES require the cooperation of the Freenet or BBS sysop. For information about activating this feature, please have your sysop write to: or send us the name and address of your sysop.

SlipKnot Web

Note: Some of the features below require that your UNIX system have lynx version 2-4-2 or lynx version 2.4-FM. To check the version of lynx that your UNIX system has, execute:
     lynx -version

SlipKnot Terminal

What was new in Version 1.13 (previous version)?

SlipKnot Web

SlipKnot Terminal

What was new in Version 1.12?

SlipKnot Web

SlipKnot Terminal:

What was new in Version 1.11?

You can read more about the new features inside SlipKnot Help (topic: New SlipKnot Features). There is a quick list below:

New features since Version 1.07:

New features since version 1.0:

New SlipKnot Terminal features:
  1. Zmodem and Kermit support
  2. BUSY redial, as well as multiple telephone numbers per host (numbers will be called in sequence until a successful login).
  3. 57600 baud supported (be careful, Windows may not be able to keep up with the traffic).
  4. Terminal Copy and Paste
  5. Terminal screen capture, and capture of incoming text to file
  6. Direct serial connections are now supported (for those without modems)
  7. Changing Terminal colors
  8. Support for fill-in forms via lynx (see the documentation after upgrading).
  9. Telnet support
  10. Gopher support (for registered users)
  11. installation of personal Home Pages on startup -- replacing our SlipKnot Local Home Page (for registered users)
  12. ability to retrieve WEB documents (like the lynx bookmarks page) directly from your service provider's UNIX system.
  13. ability to run SlipKnot Web directly from Windows File Manager as a document viewer (offline)
  14. <ISINDEX> support (necessary for gopher) wherein a document can request a search string from the user, and use it to perform a search (this is the predecessor to forms)
  15. View HTML source: if you install a TXT viewer (like WRITE or NOTEPAD) in Configure/Viewers, you can now take a look at the HTML source of any incoming document.
  16. Background job queue raised to 30 items, and other job queue options.
  17. SlipKnot will now retire the oldest of the 5 visible windows to the History folder to make way for the incoming 6th document -- this makes queueing up 30 requests possible.
  18. The background job queue can be paused, allowing you to retrieve local documents, temporarily go back to SlipKnot Terminal, and then later resuming the queued up requests.

Known limitations and workarounds:

You may want to print this document for later reading. Also, do send us mail (to about these problems even though they are known. Be sure to indicate the version of SlipKnot that you are using

Send bug reports to:

Lynx Issues

With SlipKnot version 1.50 you will probably want your UNIX system to have lynx version 2-4-2 ] or 2.4-FM. These later versions of lynx are especially important to SlipKnot when it is processing forms. If you do not know which version of lynx your UNIX system is running, then there are two ways to find out:
  1. At the UNIX prompt, execute the command: lynx -version
  2. After upgrading to version 1.50 and executing the Setup/Initialize Host menu item in SlipKnot Terminal, look at the Setup/Host screen and you will Version number box reporting the lynx version number (but only if you have chosen "lynx" rather than "www" as your World Wide Web program on this screen).

If this reports an older version and you wish to use a newer version of lynx, you have two choices:

  1. Try to find a later version of lynx that might already be available on your UNIX system (ask your sysop or ask around). If you do find one, then you can instruct SlipKnot to use it by specifying its exact location in the Name/Location box in the Setup/Host screen. For instance, if the newer version of lynx is located at: "/usr/local/bin/experimental/lynx" then simply place this full address (without the quotes) into the Name/Location box and then execute the Setup/Initialize Host menu item.
  2. If you want to upgrade your UNIX system's version of lynx, you will need to find a copy, either in executable or source code form. lynx executables are available for a small number of UNIX systems, and the full source code is available (in case there's no executable for your UNIX system) at the Lynx Home Page. Warning: to regenerate the program from the source code, you will need to know how to use the "make" facility on UNIX -- i.e. you should have experience with compiling large programs before attempting this.

The complete copy of SlipKnot 1.50

These links carry the complete, installable program. You can retrieve the full program file if you wish to pass SlipKnot on to friends, or place it on a different FTP or BBS download site. This is not meant for people who are already running SlipKnot and wish to upgrade because upgrading is easier and faster than a full re-installation. Click here to go to the upgrading instructions instead.

Full SlipKnot 1.50 file:


In Japan:

In Germany:

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