For UNIX shell users

Since its release last November, SlipKnot has made World Wide Web pages, graphics and sound accessible to Internet users with UNIX shell accounts. Those registering this shareware application include people:

What about SLIP/PPP?

Though new ways to access to the Web are arriving (SLIP/PPP, etc.), many users will not choose to migrate to them immediately.

Also, SLIP/PPP is:

SlipKnot's developer Peter Brooks, President of MicroMind, Inc., says, "for several years, I see a continuing place for an application that gives graphical Web access to PC-Windows users with UNIX shell accounts, while allowing them to continue using their shell-based mail and news readers. Many UNIX-based folks are not likely to leave their hard-won UNIX knowledge and their email homes behind. Furthermore the great majority of educational institutions provide their users with UNIX shell accounts, and changes to their infrastructure will be much slower in coming."

"And finally, some users who also have SLIP access have written me, 'when I want to surf, I like Mosaic or Netscape; when I'm doing real work, I use SlipKnot.'"

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This page updated on June 27, 1995