Karen Wilbur
Room 233

General Welcome

Hello students and parents alike, I would like to welcome you to the greatest learning experience since Fragile Rock. Join me as we navigate our way through literary history, touching upon everything from proverbs to Hemmingway.

As my student I expect you to arrive promptly, sit quietly, and sweat profusely as you expand your literary prowess. In addition to stepping on the feet of literary giants, we will be working on analysis and synthesis in analytical writing, and of course, grammar.

Parents, I will contact you of any wrong doing in class or if your child is in dire need of coddling after a particularly strenuous class. Thank you, And Good luck!

Courses Taught

American Literature I (D Block)
Modern Literature I (A Block)
Introspection and The Arts I & II (E Block)
Comedy or Calamity 101 (F Block)
Wilburisms: The Study of Me (All Blocks)

How I Post My Assignments

We mainly work off of handouts that are passed out daily in class. However, some work will be from the book. I will try to post assignments on FirstClass for students every night. Students who miss class for any reason will be given one night to make up the missed work, after that if will be entered as a zero.