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Phillip Schuman has more than 25 years of experience in the computer industry, with the past 15 years focused within the consulting arena. From his days of building microcomputers in the early 1970's, to his involvement with the first commercial IBM multi-processor mainframe, to his magazine articles detailing operating system enhancements, to his lastest endeavors that revolve around networking, LANs, routers, and of course the Internet, eCommerce, and Web related technologies, Phil has been a hands-on type of individual.

His areas of expertise include operations support, help desk mentoring/coaching, technical systems programming, system administration, telecom (voice/data) support, LAN/WAN networking, business application development, documentation, system feasibility studies, product/systems launch, and for the past several years, technical training and consulting. In the course of his numerous projects, Phil has managed the installation of a wide range of hardware and software for businesses in a variety of industry sectors. He has designed, implemented, and managed large-scale, diverse, and worldwide telecom networks providing data management and customer support for organizations in the manufacturing, financial, communications, wireless, and health care industries. He has created and delivered technical training programs for hundreds of participants at the major telecom companies. In addition, he has for the past several years been presenting eCommerce and Web Hosting classes on behalf of several of his clients.

This wide range of client engagements includes companies such as Warner-Lambert, American Hospital Supply, Ameritech, Anixter, U S WEST, AT&T Bell Labs, Bank of America, Navistar, CBIS, First Chicago Bank, PacBell, Intershop, Symons, Gospelcom, Unisys, Mindspring, PSInet, and BellSouth.

Mr. Schuman attended Illinois Institute of Technology, with studies in Computer Science, Psychology, and Education.

OmniTech Consulting Group was acquired by Diamond Technology Partners
during Spring 1999 -
This is Phil's Goodbye Note from November 1999

Hi all -
This message is for all my OmniTech colleagues, and those other folks that contact me via my OmniTech Email address -

I have been part of the OmniTech family as a freelance professional since OmniTech's inception 15 years ago. But times change, and so does family.

So - before the door closes at some point in time, I wanted to take the opportunity to send this Email to let everyone know it has been a great "part-time" ride for 15 yrs. Tons of faces have come and gone through the various halls of the many offices of OmniTech.... I'm just one more. I've made many friends, met a lot of great people, went to a lot of different places, and most of the time had a blast.

In a small firm, like OmniTech, with technical talent scarce, I was a part-time technician, a part time client instructor, and a full time technical sponge & resource. As OmniTech grew, things were rapidly moving away from the technical challenges that Joel & I faced in the 1980's as consultants teaching Lotus 1-2-3 to managers at First Chicago, or the training issues around the product launch of the AT&T PC.

I was given the latitude at OmniTech to make a difference... And mostly transparent to the consultants up and down the halls, I addressed many technical issues that helped OTCG get the job done for clients. I believed that information was knowledge, and knowledge was the power you used to achieve your goals.

Anyone walking into my office ALWAYS left with a diagram and a 15 minute lecture on whatever the subject was...
That is, if you could step over the magazines all over the floor :)

In addition, to share this knowledge, I decided in 1994 to create the OTCG website and Internet Email system, and to connect the remote offices together with ISDN and routers. By the way - the domain name "" was already taken, so I just used the initials from "OmniTech Consulting Group" and was created in 1994. I also decided to setup the broadcast Email lists for the staff and regional offices - along with my weekly OTCG broadcast of the "Shoebox News", which was very similar to the current broadcasts from Bellcore/Telcordia and other technology groups.

It's great to see these traditions carried forward within the halls of Diamond with the Lotus Notes and eRoom systems.

The acquisition by Diamond has eliminated the need for a part-time support person, which I understand. Things change, and my involvement at OTCG is sadly diminished.

But I want you all to know that I'm still around, occasionally teaching technology/sales to OmniTech clients, such as AT&T, Lucent, BellSouth, USWest, Intershop... although much of that, too, is migrating to WBT or CD-ROM delivery.

In case the Diamond Lotus Notes Email system no longer supports OTCG OPs, or no longer forwards Email to outside Email addresses, or the voicemail system is restricted, you can always reach me directly at:
Phillip Schuman -
I'm always glad to answer Email from family :)
I'm not sure what next year will bring for me, or what I'll be doing - in general, or for Diamond/OmniTech. Maybe going back to Mainframe technical support, or teaching, or leveraging my Unix, Datacom, Internet, or NT experiences, or just "whatever", since I'm kind of burned out technically.

There's one thing that you can count on, I'll be around - as always - somewhere - and ready to offer a helping hand. If you need help, just call me :)

As we all turn the corner at the end of the hall this year, some to head to the John Hancock Building, others to parts unknown, let's hope that next year will be a new beginning for all....

"It was great playing with you in the technology sandbox!"

Phil -