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Updated - Feb 23, 1999 - Vacation pictures added

David 1998 Shots

Family 1998 Shots

  • Gayle's Family - The annual Xmas trip with Grandpa and the grandkids to downtown Chicago. This year it was to the Aquarium.
  • Phil on a project up in Eau Claire, Wisc - 1980's
1997 - Teaching in London & Bath, England
1999 - Teaching / Vacation in San Francisco
2000 - Teaching / Vacation in Washington, DC
2001 - Springfield & St. Louis vacation
2002 - ??

1998 - Seattle to Oregon vacation

  • After exploring Seattle for a few days, we headed for the museum at Boeing Field. Only to find that the Blue Angels were practicing right in front of us for an upcoming show. You don't get much closer than this!
  • We headed south, and Mt. Rainier was 'out' as they say, and David took a stroll with a Ranger thru Paradise.
  • Packwood, WA is where we stayed overnight. This is just like the TV show "Northern Exposure" with the logging trucks rolling by on their way to the saw mill.
  • Stopping off in Randle, WA (near Mt. St. Helens) to visit Jerry & Chris, with a photo of just Jerry & Phil - (Eagle Scouts - Boy Scout Troop 830 - 1960's)
  • Leaving Jerry & Chris, we drove on to Mt. St. Helens, where it is hard to imagine that the eruption was 18 years ago - May 18, 1980. Everything is still pretty much the same as it was...
  • Another new state and the Oregon coast with our friends Jack and Linda. Visiting Keiko from the Free Willy movies, just a couple of days before he was airlifted from the aquarium.
  • And a final farewell to one of David's playmates - 5 yr old Josh, Jack and Linda's other son, who was hit by car when they lived back here in Chicago.
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