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04/16/2003: "eBay, Printers, & Pancakes"

We have now added a few things out on eBay for sale.
A neighbor has a robotic lawn mower and didn't have any luck selling it in the local paper. They asked if I would put it up on eBay - so I did. I then starting looking around the house for some of David's things that he has not touched for a long time - karate pads, lego robotics set, radio shack electronics lab, etc. I put those out on eBay also - here they are. I might go thru some of my computer books and put them out there also.

I've been looking at some disk upgrades for the laptops. I also am looking at replacing the Canon 4400 color inkjet printer with the extra scanner catridge. David only uses it for color picture printing, as we have a HP laser for real printing :) I was looking at the low end HP 3820 color inkjet....but now am thinking of the brand new HP1210 printer/scanner/copier. It is a VERY small box, and footprint. Take a look - HP1210 printer

Well tonight is scouts - and the pancake breakfast kickoff. We'll get our stuff and then hit the road visiting local businesses to accept their sponsorship of a placemat business card ad. Here is the Troop website for information - Troop 507

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