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05/04/2003: "Soccer, Rain, & Hurling"

Wow - it's been a fast week, and we didn't even have a log entry. Hard to remember what has happened all week, must be those senior moments starting to add up. Well, David finally had his chance to use his hurling machine at KJHS - the Trebuchet. He had fractured the bottom framework while hurling jellybeans at home, so we had glued it back together, and wrapped most joints with twine to give it that medieval look. I suggested a little less weight, so as to not torque it so much - and that worked out better.
It worked at school, and they had fun hurling jelly beans just like in the old days of attacking castles.
Heavy rain was with us for one evening, and when it rains, it seeps - into our basement crack.
We have a bucket on the floor, along the wall with the crack, and have taped a plastic bag as a "detour" to draw off the water, and use it as a funnel into the bucket. When we get a very heavy downpour, the bucket fills in about an hour. So, I stayed up watching CNN and emptied the bucket 3 or 4 times - We really have to get that crack taken care of soon.
And lastly, the weekend - and our soccer game. David was playing offense this game,
and amazingly kicked a goal just over the head of the goalie. He was pretty excited. Currently we are in first place, with our final game coming up - and then the playoffs based on standings.
Gayle is plodding along, what with the end of school coming - both as a student and other - She has all her reports to finish writing before meeting with the parents. She also has to finish her project for a class she is taking. David & I have helped her with her Powerpoint presentation. Her only problem seems to be be remembering what she names the file, and where she saves it :)

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