March 2002 - The Ides Are Upon You
RayzRealm (c) March ,2002

Beware the Ides of March
"Yea Dubya has a lean and hungry look."

Have you seen the man in this picture?
If so dial 9-1-1

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Although the Area51 flight recorder is normally a place where any profanity is seldom used. The word Penis appears in this month's journal. The March Flight recorder is brought to you in part by the word penis and the color green.

Friday March 1 Have you seen me? If so dial 911

We're now engaged in a never-ending war against terrorism, "war without end, Amen!" This smells strangely like the war on drugs, which we lost from the beginning, but keep on fighting because there's tons of money to be made for a chosen few. I don't use, or condone the use of drugs, but there's something a bit lopsided about a justice system that releases murderers, rapists and thugs after a few years, set free white collar corporate and gummint criminals without so much as a dope slap, but tosses some high school kid's ass in prison for 20 years for smoking a reefer (just to make a point), "but your honor, I didn't inhale, honest I didn't!"

I may not smoke pot, but I support it's being made legal for medical purposes. I have talked with a few cancer and AIDS patients who were not pot smokers before getting it through their doctors, and they said they were not pot users after. What they all did say was that smoking pot during chemo, for pain or to prevent wasting saved their lives. Politicians would have you believe if marijuana was made legal for medical purposes, any cancer, AIDS or other patient would all of a sudden feel compelled to attend Grateful Dead concerts.

March brings with it the promise of Spring, and for those of us in New England, the threat of a record breaking severe drought. So far this is the warmest and driest Winter for Massachusetts in history. California is also suffering from lack of rain. Now here's a Bigboote's Area51 conspiracy theory for you! George Dubya certainly don't like us damned Yankees and Kalifornians who didn't vote for him. Florida is getting the rain. He's probably ordered the military to mobilize some of their ultra "top secret" weather warfare machinery, targeting states and regions that didn't vote for him. No no! don't worry, I don't really believe such nonsense, but just made it up.

On another note, the volume of spam that clogs my mailbox on a daily basis keeps escalating. As fast as I can delete them unread, more comes in. Lately there's been a spate of "see Britney nude" mail, plus the male paranoia inducing "penis enlargement ads" During the last 2 weeks I must have gotten 6 to 8 e-mails promising me vastly enlarged penis dimensions if the size of my cock is not monstrous enough. Yeah as if the male human animal is not already insecure and threatened enough, why else would he be out there itching for a reason to start a fight or war. Assuring him his John Thomas does not measure up, will insure more family abuse, road rage, drunken brawls and acts of terrorism. Yehawww! let the games begin.

Submitted for your perusal in this March 1st entry are a few links to timely articles I've found scattered around the web. Here is a Vegan Prayer for peace. From one of my favorite alternative news outlets, Alternet, comes a few good ones. First is War Riddles 10 Questions the media isn't answering. In the Pinnocio department, Lies. I wonder if gummint officials could tell the truth if they were bribed with enough cash. And Headlines From the Office of Strategic Influence. Dubya is just such a nice folksy fellah, it's hard to Resist Bush's War. I have to agree with the author on this one, The Olympic Beer Riot. How would the media have covered it, if this was a group of non whites.

Another weekend approacheth. Now with the colon cancer obsession gone for another 5-7 years, and my sinuses finally clearing up, I may feel more like venting my spleen on a more regular basis in the Flight Recorder.

Sunday March 3

I'm not sure what it is, but I've been feeling better since Tuesday than I have in quite a few months. Perhaps it's the relief of having a clean bill of health from my colonoscopy. Maybe whatever date rape drugs they gave me just before the procedure blasted me out of the depression. According to my friend Noel, having all the toxins flushed (and I mean royally flushed) from my entire GI tract might have given me a lift. The days are beginning to get longer, that could be part of it. It could also be a combination of all of the above.

I caught a bus into Harvard Square Saturday just to walk around. I sat in Au Bon Pain staring out the people and traffic, as my mind wandered back into the past 5-10-20-30-40 years; how time flies. I thought about all the people who have come and gone in my life, and where they are today. Many I knew have died, and depending on your belief system are either in a state of oblivious non existence, returned again in some other form or are in Heaven or Hell.

It's hard to believe I've been driving a car for 38 years, graduated from high school 37 years ago, got discharged from the Navy 31 years ago, graduated from college 27 years ago, got divorced from my ex wife 23 years ago, my dad passed away 22 years ago, I was told I had 2-3 years to live 17 years ago, I got sober 13 years ago, my sister passed away 8 years ago, and my late closest friend passed away 2 years ago. I was with my prior employer for 22 years, which seemed more like 2 and have been with my current employer for a little over 3 years. In about 10 years I'll be technically able to retire; now that is scary! For me to be able to afford retirement, I figure I'll have to work until I'm about 127 years old.

I was browsing through CD's at HMV when a guy walked up to me and said, "Ray? Ray is that you?" After a moment I remembered him as someone I hung out with in my very early days of sobriety. We talked for a while and as fate would have he now lives about 8-9 blocks away from me. I had not seen him in almost 13 years, and he had assumed I had either moved away or gone to meet my maker. I should give him a call soon to arrange meeting for coffee or lunch.

Today was mostly cloudy but took a ride into Boston anyway just to get out of the house. The usual stops, yadda yadda, Au Bon Pain, Newbury Comics, Clery's for a late lunch then home.

After the Sunday night lineup on FOX, I winked out. When the X-Files first began, I would not miss one minute air time of any episode. Tonight began an 11 episode final countdown for the series, "All questions will be answered." I turned off the TV just as an alien craft was being unearthed. I guess I'm nowhere nearly as taken by the show as I used to be. At some point they will all air again in re-runs and/or be released on DVD. Monday approaches.....

Tuesday March 5

I'm on a roll at work, getting tons done, plus making a lot of the stored procedures I wrote a couple of years ago fly. Work makes some people insane, right now it helps keep me sane.

The gummint and media talking heads claim that the economy is recovering. You could have fooled me, everyone I know is getting laid off since last year. Of course with no employees left, all that's left is pure profit for the filthy rich, but with no one except themselves being able to afford to obsessively buy their products, sooner or later business will head South.

I'm also noticing a lot more random brutal acts in the news. I would hazard a guess this trend will continue as things continue getting worse. I need some new clothes. I wonder if anyone makes Kevlar underwear.

Some woman brutally attacked another in a supermarket checkout line for having too many items in her basket at the express lane. A couple of man eating dogs mauled a woman in San Francisco to death, but of course Spike and Thor are good dogs and would not hurt a fly. The perfect dog, a Labrador and Pit Bull mix. The lab, normally a kind and gentle breed when cross bred with a pit bull, produces an ugly retriever with a mean streak.

I found an interesting article on Alternet today, Dare to tell your kids about drugs. Remember kids, every time you smoke a reefer, you buy bullets for The Taliban, keep all the drug enforcement officials employed and maintain high prison populations in our now privatized "for profit" prison system.

In ending for today, I had something verified a few weeks ago that I had been suspecting for some time. I was visiting Bob up in New Hampshire and we went out to a seafood restaurant for dinner. I spent the rest of the evening doing penance at the porcelain alter. The last 5-6 times I ate any seafood, everything exploded out of both ends for the remainder of the day. Yep, I think I've developed a nasty allergy to anything with fins or shells. Here I am a New Englander who can no longer eat fish, shrimp, scallops, lobster or clams. I should consider myself lucky I don't live in Japan or have lived in Jesus' time. When it came time for him to miraculously feed the 5000, I wonder if he could have made me a pepperoni pizza. Just some ramblings for a Tuesday.

Monday March 11

A moment of silence for the 6 month anniversary of 9-11........

I admit it, I am guilty of not watching the TV special, marking the 6 month anniversary of 9-11. Like millions of others, the memory of that Tuesday morning is still indelibly burned in my memory as if it had happened yesterday. Has it been 6 months already! My my, how time flies, whether or not you are having fun.

The economy is getting better. According to some experts the recession is over, "Domini, Domini, Domini, you're all billionaires now." I seem to be talking with more and more people who are getting laid off en masse. I suppose, so long as all the wealthy, elite and greedy are satiated, then we all benefit. Since right wing politicos are more enabled since 9-11 to put positive spins on the most repulsive ideas and get away with it, I'm waiting for local and federal gummints to begin offering free seminars for the rest of us on "dumpster diving", "trash picking for profit", and "how to make a comfortable home in your car or under a highway overpass."

"Round up the usual suspects, the truth is out there somewhere"

I am seeing more conspiracy theories rearing their ugly heads regarding 9-11. Whether or not any of this stuff holds water, I'm sure if the truth is "in here" nobody alive today will live to see and hear high ranking gummint officials, appearing on national and worldwide TV, to address the unwashed human masses, on the truth behind who killed the Kennedy's, Martin Luther King, what really happened at Roswell, what is really going on at AREA51, where AIDS really came from, etc.

I did find this in the Vancouver Sun, The Truth Is Out There Some pretty entertaining theories for all you X-Files fans regarding 9-11.

I wish Dubya would declare war on the "evil axis" of e-mail spammers. Speaking of spam, there are more and more advertisements aimed at making all of us stay up worrying about our "image". I began losing my hair at 19, so stopped paying much heed to people not liking me because I don't have a head full of luxurious ass length hair. My teeth are not a blinding shade of white, but they are not green or black. My penis may not be of mammoth proportions, but in my salad days, nobody ever complained, matter of fact most were pleasantly impressed. Every day during my commute I hear ads for some testosterone replacement supplement that will restore the horniness of my teen years. it's been quite a few years since I had to carry my briefcase in front of me to avoid that embarrassing woody bulge. Testosterone poisoning lurks in the shadows of most acts of aggression and even war. Just what we need today, more testosterone in our blood streams and penile saber rattling. And for more instant results, I should rush right out to buy one of those electro muscle stimulators that will guarantee me titanium hard abs and butt, all from the comfort of my easy chair while I swill down brewskis, eat Fritos and watch Survivor. P.T. Barnum hit the nail on the head, "there's one born every minute". Be happy with who you are and say "screw you" to the fear mongers who are out to make a fast buck from your insecurities.

Thursday March 14

I'm mega-busy at work, delving into the mysteries of server migration and upgrade. This is strange dark, uncharted waters for me, but a learning experience. My friend Bob was laid off last week, joining the ranks of the millions of happy people, flushed out into the world of thumb twiddling and daytime TV. He's a very bright software engineer with millennia of experience under his belt, so I hope he's able to land something lucrative soon.

Once again, I have been surfing a couple of news and zine sites, while I have my first cup of coffee and thought these might be worth sharing with the 2.5 people who drop by to read my journals. The first article listed today comes from a site I have listed on the Area51 Library page, "Shut Up I'm Talking" are a collection of interesting journals by a few guys spanning a number of years. I have mentioned my dislike of malls (necessary evils) and how difficult it is to find Levi 501's any more. Balls To The Mall is worth a read, as well as a lot of their other rants. I found an interesting little piece in the Star Tribune, which discusses some stuff Bob, Doug and I have chewed on, Perpetual War Makes me think of 1984. Alternet (I love that Zine) had an article about the Pentagon's dreams, Put Up Your Nukes made me think, as do many articles they publish. And lastly on to a more critical and burning issue, Salon had this article, Gay Penguins , which should have gay activists rallying in Washington. It makes me wonder; do they have gay pride day? do they have domestic partner benefits at the local zoo, are there penguin porno videos and "gasp" do they practice safe sex? Can you tell my private social life is less than zero?

Friday March 15

The Ides of March.....

I spoke with Bob last night and hopefully I'll be driving up to visit him tomorrow. On my way home from work made the usual stops for produce and grocery shopping. It's amazing how some people (Biff and Buffy's) think that they are the only people on Earth when it comes to using a public bathroom. I had to take a quick whizz and found a long line at the farm stand's single unisex restroom. Two or three people gave up waiting and left their place in line. Everyone could clearly hear Mommy Buffy explaining where poopies go when you flush the toilet to little Connor and Tiffany, "ooooh mommy, peeeeyooouu, why do poops stink? and where do they go when we flush the toilet." I knew better when I was a kid, not to ask such stupid questions. Since my parents probably didn't know the answer anyway, they would adlib some reply, "poops all go to the North Pole and Santa keeps them to put in the stockings of children who didn't behave themselves during the year. They stink because you're such a rotten little kid" When I was a young lad and had been bad, my name was "why you little Shit you!"

"Well my dear child, shit stinks because people are rotten inside, full of disease and festering demons that are trying to claw their way out. Now good poops go to be with Jesus, and the bad smelly ones go to Iraq to be with Saddam and the Axis of Evil." Anyway, mommy is praising her little spawn for doing such a good job, taking about 10 minutes while the growing line is beginning to look like a conga line of "pee-pee dancers" hopping back and forth from foot to foot. Along comes a young yuppie woman on her cell phone, walking right past the 6 of us who are queued up waiting for Buffy and her spawn to realize there might be others waiting and vacate the john. She jiggles the knob, still yacking away (probably about some critical junk bond deal). Nobody says anything, so I tap Ms. oblivious on the shoulder, "excuse me, there's a line". If looks could kill, I would have been daisy cutter mince meat, "OH Fuck!", she muttered, pushing her way past us, still blabbering away. After emptying my bladder, went about the rest of my shopping.

I received 3 more penis dimension spams in my mail since last night.The headline read "7 out of 8 women complain that their man does not measure up, size DOES matter. Don't let your lover leave you for another better endowed man, click here for more details." I'm sorry, but if I had some mate, spouse, etc and she left me for some guy with a nuclear mutated 15" dick, she wasn't worth knowing to begin with. I still feel my John Thomas is just (almost) fine, and according to the (probably outdated) Kinsey Report, I'm above average in the endowment department. By 21st century standards I probably barely weigh in at a "cocktail weenie". I suppose this makes perfect sense in the greedy, "humungous is better" days we live in where Trophy Homes, Trendia Titanic SUV's, steroid enhanced male pecs and augmented Hindenburg buzooms are sought after by the masses.

Now that I have gotten those burning questions off my chest, here are a handful of articles I've scooped up from zine sites for your viewing pleasure.

Since we live in a market economy, it seems Washington is enlisting the aid of ad agencies to sell America to the unwashed masses around the world. Alter net had an article, The Selling of America. I wonder if Osama and Saddam get Home Shopping Network via satellite? It's no longer nice to poke fun at our illustrious leaders, The War On Dissent Widens, so be careful comrade, secret police are listening.

I found a couple of thought provoking essays on Common Dreams, a site I'm sure conservatives consider one of those Tree Hugging Godless Commie sites. All this saber rattling about using nukes is making me nervous. I grew up during the Zenith of territorial nuclear paranoia, and remember well the countless "Duck and Cover" drills, at church, school and home. According to Washington, if need be we can use tiny surgical nukes, or Cute Nukes as the gummint calls them. What makes them cute? Will the military conceal them in stuffed animals and send them off as gifts to the despots of the world?"

Teeny tiny weapons of semi-mass destruction that you can hold in your hand, carry in your pocket or trade with friends. Be the first kid on your block to collect the entire set of "Cute Nukes". The topic of Cute Nukes brings to mind Michael Nesmith's, "Elephant Parts" scene called "Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority". This war is getting very weird indeed. Finally an article from AlterNet Priests And Sexual Abuse. That's all for today folks, in fact, that's quite enough.

Sunday March 17

"A fine top'o the morning to ya Mrs O'hara on this fine Saint Patty's day."......another reason for people in Boston to get drunk and obnoxious, and for the homo bois to crash the parade draped in orange feather boas and green jockstraps. Actually the tribal tattooed, steroid enhanced pierced nipple set has been quiet these past couple of years when the Saint Patrick's Day parade rolls around.

We had heavy rains Friday night and Saturday morning, which we so desperately need right now. I drove up to visit Bob, which always offers a pleasant break from reality. We had a bit of catching up to do, had lunch at a retro 50's diner, then attended a comfortable down to Earth AA meeting. After the meeting we returned to Bobs to sit by the fire to chat over herbal tea.

When I got home finally was able to raise Doug in Chicago, who will leaving the motherland to live in Thailand for a year or so. I will miss our many long winded phone chats, and do hope we can keep in touch via e-mail and letter. He admitted he was surprised to see me being so risqué as to mention penis enlargement in my journals. Next thing you know, I'll be going into competition with Howard Stern.

Although it was cold and raw this morning I drove into Boston out of boredom. I'm sad to report that more and more of the local neighborhood "cheap eats" places are vanishing in preference of up scale yuppie dives. Greedy landlords are giving the boot to long time tenants in favor of more pricey occupants that will attract more of that addictive drug m-o-n-e-y.

Speaking of yuppies, although they all sport MBA's, style and sophistication, they are pretentious as all hell, wearing their "I am a success and have arrived" on their sleeves. All the familiar cheap places where Bigboote ate many a cheap meal are gone. All the "Bubba's Greasy Bar-B-Q" diners are now "Bubba's Bistro - Purveyor of Southern and Southwest American Cuisine." Just change the spelling of some establishment to make it sound continental and the prices will triple. Instead of beat up van's, pickup trucks and gray primer'd GM full sized sedans filling the parking lot, there will be SUV's, BMW's, Lexii, Volvos, Benz's and Infinitis lined up for blocks. Gone are the days of Sleazy Louie's Pool hall. it's now "Louis Parlour de Billiards"

Insert an accent grave or umlaut in an establishment or product's name or put a British spin on words such as Parlour and the yuppies will come running from all directions to share in the experience.

For working class rent poor slobs such as yours truly, and every Joe and Jane six-pack, we load the Chevy up with broken furniture and trash to be carted off to the dump.

For Biff and Buffy a trip to "le Dümp" is an experience to be savoured. "Connor, Tiffany, come downstairs quickly, Dad has the SUV all loaded, we're ready to leave for "le Dümp".

Yes "le Dümp", with a meticulously landscaped 18 hole championship golf course, gourmet restaurant and bistros, a fully equipped health spa, offering Valet refuse disposal while you and your family relax and enjoy our facilities. And don't forget "le Dümp's" newly added premiere shopping plaza.

Well anyway, today was not the day for Boston since most of the eating establishments were packed to the rafters with patrons wearing their green. I wound up grabbing a quick pizza and Abdul's pizza and sub shop.

The only other thing of note I did this weekend was download a copy of Opera 6.0 to try out. I was a dyed in the wool Netscape devotee, and only began using Explorer, dragged kicking and screaming from Netscape after only Explorer seemed to handle style sheets and some other new features much better than Netscape. Another reason for almost totally putting my copy of Netscape out to pasture in the recycle bin was it's bad habit of system crashes more often than an airliner piloted by suicide hijackers. From what little I have seen during my first Infobahn road test, Opera shows some promise, has nice features and seems to be pretty fast.

Friday March 22

"Attack of the spambots"

The spammers are getting a little too aggressive these days. Not only has the volume increased by quantum leaps, but some of them are now adding little applets to my system without my knowing. I was cleaning up Explorer favorites and noticed about 10 new bookmarks most likely surreptitiously added by spambots. There were a couple for get rich quick instant lotteries, investment links, Zelda The Whip Lady's Den, See Teenage Coeds Jell-O wrestling live and one for buying Viagra online. I also noticed two suspicious icons down in the status bar. Clicking on them revealed one was some sort of online shopping snoop program and the other a cyber-cash wallet. I went into control panel and deleted them post haste. One would not let me totally blow it away unless I went to some web site and filled out a shopping questionnaire and survey (yeah right, sure). I managed to get into the registry to edit out all traces of this crap. And NO, I have been opening and reading the spams. Some of them spawn windows and hell knows what else, when I single click on them to highlight for deletion.

I don't shop online at all, so they didn't come from cyber conspicuous consumption. I do access 5-6 sites that require e-mail address and cookies be set to use their "free" membership facilities. As my dear old Dad used to say, "don't let anyone fool you, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Everything and everybody has a hidden cost." This may or may not be the source, as I have talked with a few people who neither shop or visit any of the "free membership" sites. They also claim that the volume of off the wall, annoying spam they are receiving has exploded during the past 9-12 months.

I have tried blocking mail from about 100 different addresses, but they change their bogus e-mail addresses faster than the AIDS virus can mutate.

Sunday March 24

I drove up to visit Warren yesterday. I had not seen him since before the "Search For Lost City of the Colonic Journey" in February. I feel bad for him, he has not found a job since he was downsized last July due to yet another "So we may serve you better" corporate merger.

We went out shopping, making a stop at Costco before lunch. I picked up a copy of "Stupid White Men", by Michael Moore. I "highly" recommend this book to the 2.5 people who may still be visiting Bigboote's Area51. When Dubya is proclaimed King Georgie the First, Moore will probably wind up on his hit list for the reeducation camps of the New World Disorder. I'll probably be herded onto the next bus for camp after him. Since I don't have a life, spent Saturday evening in bed propped up by pillows paging through the first couple of chapters. Michael Moore is definitely a guy I would like to meet over coffee or dinner. When his show "TV Nation" aired, I was one of the only people I knew who eagerly watched each episode. I will most assuredly pick up his other book, "Downsize This" after I finish with this book, which I'm time sharing with "The 48 Laws of Power".

I'll miss chatting with Doug on Saturday nights. He has supposedly left for the mysterious Far East, after he makes a stop to visit an old main squeeze. I do hope he does keep in touch, and we can get together again when he gets back. A part of me says he's not really going anywhere, just changing his name and moving a few streets away from where he lived. After the trauma of meeting me, "Frankenstein in Speeds" (as someone referred to me years ago) he probably appealed to the gummint to hide him under the Witness Protection Act.

Today I took a ride into Harvard Square to roam around. That place has gotten so pretentious and yuppified. I was going to have lunch in an old time tested Harvard Square landmark, known for it's deep folk music roots. They had the "best" burgers in town as well as some tasty Middle Eastern treats. As I walked in noticed it was filled to capacity with yuppies for brunch. I asked if they had burgers and the hostess muttered, "this is strictly a Vegan establishment." Well, sigh, scratch one more favorite fueling stop from my travels. Everything is becoming so homogenized and sterile, part of the new World Disorder standardization of the human race.

I wound up at Temple Bar for lunch, which is beginning to lose it's luster with me. I'll pass on the Academy Awards tonight. It's only my opinion, but there has been hardly a film worthy of an Oscar in over 20 years. If there's nothing good on TV tonight, I'll curl up with my new book. I have not added any new links to my site for a while, but managed to find handful that have been added to the Area51 Library page. They are dated 03/23/2002.

Friday March 29

"In the devil's playground on Good Friday"

When I was a kid (shortly after the Pilgrims landed), Good Friday was a solemn day of silence. Today and this week I have been splashing around in the devil's water park. Computers are most assuredly the work of Ole Scratch himself. I'm just a lowly financial applications programmer, and always felt that server and web configuration should be left to the guys who wear the long robes and carry magic wands, offering pagan sacrifices to the pagan gods of technology.

I have spent the entire week trying to get our web server and reporting front ends to work. Every time there is a major software upgrade, everything seems to go to hell, so goes life in the the IT world.

I spent a morning on the phone in queue waiting for a tech support person to walk me through configuration of our web reporting server. After navigating 7 levels of voice response menus, arrived at one that asked which type of muzak I would like to listen to while I waited.

"For classical press 1, for jazz press 2, for rock press 3, for folk press 4, for easy listening press 5, for blues press 6, for gangsta rap press 7, for Fire Island White Party dance music press 8, for gospel press 9, for In Sync press 10, for Britney Spears press 11, for show tunes press 12, for new age press 13. If you do not wish any music, please stay on the line and the first available representative will answer your call."

I sampled a few of the muzak offerings, which all sounded like the Prozac String Quartet playing elevator music favorites. After a brief pause a tech rep helped me stumbled through some troubleshooting procedures.

"New from Walt Disney Pictures, Honey I blew up the server"

Since our next financial cycle begins on Monday, I was also ready to copy our 2 production databases from the current server to the new one which is still in test phase. It was somewhere between when Jesus feel the second and third time that the job completed with errors. "Call Fox Mulder, call the Lone Gunmen! The production databases seem to have totally vanished, gone from the production server, but never making it to the new one. I think it might be the work of aliens." The physical database files are still there, but seem to have gotten lost to Enterprise Manager. I called my boss at home, who felt it was no huge issue (yet) and we can figure it out on Monday.

I should have also left work early to kneel in some dark church smelling of last Sunday's incense, praying for forgiveness of my wretched sins, "Bless me father for I have sinned. I became a programmer 20 years ago and pray for forgiveness."

Saturday March 30

It poured last night, which we still need about a month of to catch up on the season's water shortfall. Today didn't look very promising, but since I did not feel like staying in all day grabbed my umbrella and headed into Boston. As usual the first stop was Au Bon Pain for a bucket of iced coffee and a scone, then wandered around the Copley Place mall.

I walked through the Fenway, stopping to chat with Arthur's friend, who he shares a victory garden with. I have not gotten to indulge in a long winded conspiracy theory chat since Doug's visit. His garden mate enjoys talking Lone Gunmen stuff as much as I do, although I seldom talk about the subject in genteel mixed company. He gave me a web link that he thought I'd enjoy exploring. Check it out, Disclosure Project I'll also add a link on the Area51 Page of Secrets,

After a couple of hours it was time to move on, so headed back toward Copley Square, making at stop at Virgin Megastore. Oh, all right, I said I was not going to buy anything there, but decided to pick up a couple of aural opiates after sampling some tracks at a few listening stations. I picked up "Everybody Got Their Something" by Nikka Costa, who reminds me of Neena Cherry, an interesting funky album. I also grabbed Enigma's Greatest Hits, "Love Sensuality Devotion" and "Escape" by Enrique. I used have music playing all the time, but seldom turn my stereo on any more. One reason I bought CD's at Virgin was that all the titles I picked were on sale.

After completing my orgy of shopping, stopped by Vinny's for lunch. I have not been to Vinny's for what seems a couple of months. Tonight will be another quiet night of solitude.....

Sunday March 31

"Be not afraid, for the tomb is empty. He has risen as prophesied so rejoice."

Well here it is, the end of another month. It's Easter Sunday, the rent check is pinned to the door, the bills have been paid and 'tis time for Mom and I to endure another visit with each other. Tomorrow is April Fool's day, and I pray that the case of the database that disappeared without a trace is painlessly (as possible) solved.

Shalom, Ray