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Friday May 7

The odometer turns twice for me this month. My birthday falls in May, just over the cusp of Gemini, plus my drivers license is up for renewal (gawd, it's been 5 years already).

I went to a registry office (the DMV is called the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts) in a Boston suburban mall to renew my license this week. The last time I went in person I waited almost two hours for an available window, but it seems things have gotten more efficient over the past 5 years.

Every time I think about the RAM, I'm reminded of Marge Simpson's two sisters, Patty and Selma, who work at the Springfield DMV. I had about a 20 minute wait, considering how crowded the waiting area was, but the office had about 15 windows, so the lines moved rather quickly. I paid my money, she took down my info and a new picture, and within a half hour I left with a paper temporary license until my real one arrives in a week or so. The woman who waited on me was much nicer than the stereotypical Patty and Selma.

While I was at the registry window the woman asked if I wanted to register to vote or change my party preference. I left it as Democrat, although I was thinking of changing to Independent. It's some to the point where the lines between the two main parties have become blurred, but at this point almost anyone is better than Bush and his band of neocon thugs. It reminds me of a scene from a Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" episode, "Citizen Kang" (one of my faves), where Marge says, "don't blame me, I voted Independent" and Kang replies, "ha ha ha, go ahead, throw your vote away."

The woman at the registry window mumbled something about "why bother voting at all, we all know that weasel Bush will steal 2004 just like he did in 2000." Needless to say, she was not a repuglican, not a fan of Gee Dubya. Despite the fact that I will vote (for Homer Simpson if need be) I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Bunnypants will get reelected by a a manufactured landslide. I also feel pretty sure (as a lot of people I've talked with) that the repugs will pull some sort of surprise to tip the balance in their favor before the November election; whether it be finding Osama hiding in the White House rose garden, a contrived terrorist attack, or instituting martial law.

A few people have asked me what I 3-2-1, ready or not here I come thought about the news pictures of Iraqi prisoners being tortured. My pat answer is, "I'm not surprised". Having been in the military during another made up war, both sides can become equally guilty of high crimes against humanity. War does funny things to the participants in the battle. What makes this make believe war so much worse is we have a make believe president and both sides are filled with extremist religious loonies. We were as guilty of atrocities as Charlie was during the Viet Nam adventure, and as in any war, both sides have to swear scouts honor that they will treat prisoners with respect; yeah right! As the old saying goes, "all's fair in love and war." I have a sneaky feeling that our men and women who currently are serving in the armed forces, know that the current administration is hosing them, and if I were in their shoes, I'd be royally pissed and would be tempted to go around teasing camels and pissing on prisoners myself.

The above picture will probably burn itself in my non volatile memory, as did the images of the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, Jack Ruby shooting Oswald, a naked Vietnamese girl running from a burning village, the space shuttle Challenger exploding, planes crashing into the twin towers, and their collapse. Some of you shrubbery enthusiasts may be asking, but what about other important images, such as

Wowie zowie video of Baghdad getting the crap "shocked and awe'd" out of it.

Photo Op!....

The statue of Saddam being pulled down

Photo op!....

Our beloved anointed leader triumphantly stepping onto the deck of an aircraft carrier

Photo op!....

Our commander in thief pretending to serve the troops in Iraq Thanksgiving turkey.

Photo Op!....

So long as we can still voice suspicions and opinions in America, my gut tells me everything about the Bush Cartel has been contrived, just as Woodstock II was contrived to make a bundle of money of neo-stoners. Woodstock II was a disaster, as is Post 2000 (rigged election) America. I suppose I'll burn in hell with all the liberals, wimmin's libbers, blacks, gays and other non porn again neocon Christians.

One of the many things I learned while in the military is that civilians are like a vast herd of dumb sheep. We referred to them as "sand crabs" in the Navy. After Viet Nam not many served, and I wonder how many have taken their American citizenship for granted. Saddam Hussein could be our president any hardly a peep of protest would be heard so long as the billionaires got their fat perks and the unwashed masses were kept supplied in beer, snack foods, cheap gas, reality shows, shopping malls and sports. To quote the immortal words uttered in almost every episode of "Hogan's Heros" by Schultz, the prison camp guard, "I see nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g!"

There's another old saying that if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, he'll hop right out, but if you place a frog in a pot of cool water, and gradually raise the temperature, he'll swim around, happy as a clam, then slowly just nod out...cooked frog! It's the same with people and the new world disorder; it began very gradually, so that hardly anyone noticed anything changing, but since the 80's the heat under the pot has been increasing more and more.

I opened a new blog at last month, but have not felt at all like writing. I may wind up deleting it if the spirit doesn't move me soon.

A little joke that arrived via e-mail yesterday

Two boys in Boston were playing basketball when one of them was attacked by a rabid Rottweiler. Thinking quickly, the other boy ripped a board off a near by fence, wedged it into the dog's collar and twisted it, breaking the dog's neck.

A newspaper reporter from the Boston Herald witnessed the incident and rushed over to interview the boy. The reporter began entering data into his laptop, beginning with the headline: "Brave Young Celtics Fan Saves Friend From Jaws Of Vicious Animal."

"But I'm not a Celtics fan, "the little hero interjected.

"Sorry,"replied the reporter. "But since we're in Boston, Mass, I just assumed you were."

Hitting the delete key, the reporter began "John Kerry Fan rescues Friend From Horrific Dog Attack."

"But I'm not a Kerry fan either," the boy responds.

The reporter says, "I assumed everybody in this state was either for the Celtics or Kerry or Kennedy. "What team or person do you like? "

"I'm a Houston Rockets fan and I really like George W. Bush" the boy says.

Hitting the delete key, the reporter begins again, "Arrogant Little Conservative Bastard Kills Beloved Family Pet.."

Here's a Spring time bouquet of news and journal links, picked during the past week or so.

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Sunday May 9

I spent yesterday visiting my friends Noel and Ellen. We took a ride up to Home Depot and Costco, then spent the rest of the day back at their house to chat. Like many others in Massachusetts, the main conversation revolved around the current state of the country.

Finally the Bush cartel house of cards is falling down, and I hope not even the good neocon lap dog mass media can spin the truth. With each passing day I believe more and more that Bush and his zoo crew do not serve the Christian God, personified by Jesus Christ, but a God that resides in a much warmer and desolate climate. I hope Colin Powell can extricate himself from the web if lies. I used to have a lot of respect for the man. Although I have never voted Republican, I used to think if Powell ever ran, I would seriously consider voting for him, but not any more. "Colin, find the integrity that I know is still lurking deep down inside and sing like a canary."

As always I continue to pray for our men and women who serve in the armed forces, at home and abroad, for their safety and protection. They deserve much more than the short changing that the neocon administration is giving them. The brave are the American soldiers who enlist and serve, not just for the thrill of kicking some Arab butt, but because they truly love and care about their country. I doubt that Bunnypants and his ilk love America much at all. The only love they have is for money and power, and what they can squeeze from the people and the land for their own personal gain.

Bush tells the sheep that "they" hate us because of our freedom, but I know from my own personal experiences, having traveled to the four corners of the Earth during my Navy tour of duty that's not the case. Thirty years ago or more most of the world admired us, and strived to be like the USA. What they didn't like at all was the Imperialist attitudes of some of our leaders and huge conglomerates ramming the worst of our culture down their throats. Many cultures do not want 600 channels of mindless cable or a Starbucks, McDonalds and Wal-Mart on every street corner.

I am still 100% convinced, that regardless of how Americans vote, Bush is almost guaranteed to get reelected; the money, greed and evil are backing him, and in this world, they usually win out over fairness. In just a little over 3 years, the neocons have managed to undo a century of progress. Whoever finally unseats little Ceaser, will have an almost impossible task, restoring American to her former lustre and dignity.

Yesterday we discussed what would happen if one of Bush's surprises is placing the country under martial law, all of America under house arrest. I still wonder and worry about what sort of trump cards Karl Rove has up his sleeve. I would not put anything past this gang of thugs.

Yesterday I had to get gas, which went up 15 cents over last week. I paid $1.89 a gallon for regular at an independent cheapo gas station. As I drove up Mass Ave through Arlington, Lexington, Bedford, Concord, prices ranged from about $1.89 to $2.10 for regular with premium ranging from $2.00 to $2.30. According to the news, prices will probably climb a lot higher. I could be spending $20 to $25 to fill up my Corolla by Summer, but at least it gets around 36-38 MPG on the highway. I wonder how this will affect Titanic sized SUV's. I've always been one of those rare types, for whom a car is not a status symbol; so long as it's cheap, reliable and inexpensive to run. I never needed to use my car as an an extension of my dick, according to Kinsey, it's way above average as it is :-)

As an old Chinese curse says, "may you live in interesting times". We're in for some interesting times...indeed!

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Sunday May 16

The Sodom Chamber of Commerce Welcomes you
City of Sodom next 16 exits
Lot's Place, Gas, Food and Lodging, Exit 7 Off Ramp
Last gas and rest stop before Gomorrah
Gomorroh 85 Miles

After midnight tonight friends of Oscar Wilde and Gertrude Stein will be flocking to Massachusetts to get hitched. The Bay State is the latest to allow gay marriage (for now). I wonder if Pastor Fred Phelps and his traveling carnival will appear to provide entertainment. At this very moment Ashcroft has probably given orders to aim a bunch of missiles at Massachusetts.

I'm personally not for or against gay marriage per se, but I think the neo-CONS are making way to big an issue of it, and of course John Kerry is from Mass, so I'm sure the Rove smear machine will attempt using tomorrow to the repugs' advantage.

The mercury hit 95 to 97 in Boston yesterday, but today it was cool, drizzly and raw. I took a ride into Boston this morning and had an easy time finding a free for all visitor spot to park in. I get tired of making the same old loop, eating in the same old places and browsing the same stores, so hopped the Orange line to Downtown Crossing (Boston's old shopping district). I was looking to buy 2 or 3 pair of cargo shorts to wear this Summer to work (yeah I can wear shorts to work during the Summer) but am not about to pay $50 to $60 for shorts made in some Third World sweat shop for $1.99. After July 4th, the stores will start displaying the Fall clothing lines, and I'll probably be able to pick up the same shorts for $10 to $20 tops. I was also looking to pick up some underwear, and once in a while Marshalls has 2xIst briefs for $4-5, instead of the normal $12-20 that up scale men's stores charge, that is when you can find 2xIst in any store. An acquaintance turned me on to 2xIst briefs about 5 years ago. At one time they only place you could find them was online. They are (to me) the most comfortable (and flattering) men's underwear there is. Almost anyone who wears 2xIst will look like pResident Bunnypants as he climbed down from the cockpit of a jet fighter (all fluffed up and perky). Calvin Klein and 2xIst seem to be the underwear of choice among gay men and porn stars.

All that Marshalls had was XXSmall and XXXLLL today. I cannot imagine a guy who wears an XXXLLL thinking he looks studly in athletic string bikini briefs. I could have picked up a couple of pair of XXXLLL for hang gliding or para sailing.

I walked down toward South Station, through the banking district and stopped at a store front book store, Calamus Books and decided to browse around. I was glad I did as I found a copy of  Armistead Maupin's,  "Tales of the City" on video that PBS had made a mini series from. According to a few articles I have read the religious far right made such a stink that PBS stopped producing it. Tales is actually a very charming, witty and well woven tale about life in the San Francisco bay area during the 70's. I've searched high and low, plus all over the web, but Tales was out of print.

Today I was lucky, the book store had a copy of a re release of the original series on DVD for $59.95, so I snatched it up. I also found an out of print book I once had, that has been reprinted by a small press, "Another Mother Tongue", by Judy Grahn, an interesting study of gays and lesbians from ancient times through the 80's. I got to talking with the shop owner about politics, the gay marriage issue, literature and film. The store used to be called Glad Days and has been a Boston institution for over 30 years, mostly a purveyor of gay and lesbian literature, they also carry some other rare and hard to find nuggets. I was surprised to see he also had some of the Disinformation Company titles on his shelves. I have almost every title in the Disinfo catalog in my personal library.

I walked through Chinatown in the rain, stopping at a tea house for tea, and had lunch at a micro brew pub, Rock Bottom in the Theater District, a nice massive bones chicken breast with real mashed potatoes and slaw for cheap.

I'll have to keep tabs on the news tomorrow, to see what the neocons are up to in response to the terrorists acts of Massachusetts. We Bay Staters are such a shit stirring lot, if we're not dumping tea into Boston Harbor over unfair taxes. We're riding through towns in the middle of the night on horseback, warning the locals about the imperialist red coats or fighting fascists and marrying lesbigays.

Here's this week's helping of kibbles and news bits

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Sunday May 23

Today I complete my 57th orbit of the sun, quite a feat since I was supposed to crash and burn 20 years ago. It's just another day to me, nothing to celebrate.

Here is this week's gift wrapped collection of articles and journals.

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Shalom, Ray