May 2005 - End Game
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[May 15]

Sunday May 15

Tears for Fears - Until we meet again....again

Since i was a child i have always been inquisitive, wanting to know the truth and searching for answers, i've been a digger. Where most people are content to pull the covers over their heads, making believe that there is no bump in the night or man with a gun behind the curtain, i have always been one to fling the closet door wide open, look under the bed and yank the curtains from their rods, shining a bright light in the direction of the bumping noise. Seeing the world for what it is and the games for what they are and stating it, has not won me many friends over the years. More and more we are living in a society that is only interested in image and surface gloss, hearing sweet sounding words, no matter how ugly lies that behind them, looking for the instant quick fix, that we all know is nothing more than a band aid used in attempt to stop a major hemorrhage. Everything boils down to profits vs people. The neocon wingnuts may spout the name of Jesus left and right, when it is Moloch that they bow down to and worship. It is clear that we have all been lied to about so much for so long and nobody ever dares to raise their voices.

It's also funny how we label the prophets of our day crackpots, only to have them revered generations later, they did it to Jesus and they've been doing it ever since. I had taken a long hard look at why people chose to zone out of drugs and/or lose themselves in the bottle. I have never been a drug user, but for all the mayhem junkies bring upon themselves and those around them, stop and think about why someone wants to kill the pain of their existance that much. I do not in any way condone terrorist acts, they are always counterproductive, but what drives someone to crash an airplane into a building in a symbolic act aimed at some symbol, or why does the man or woman, to borrow a time worn phrase, "go postal". Everyone has their breaking point, where their protests fall on deaf ears and blind eyes, where all the injustice and evil inflicted on them by some system become too much to bear and they just "wig out".

If those in power were truly interested in knowing why all this happens, opened their hearts to the truth of their actions, they would step down from power and humbly repent, but there is too much at stake, reputation, position in the societal pecking order, personal fortunes, etc, etc. Maybe that's why Jesus said that it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Perhaps the wingnuts should start living by the Sermon on the Mount and not the old testament "eye for an eye" mentality. The gospel being preached today runs contrary to everything I was ever taught about the Son of God. I sure hope what I was taught about Jesus is the real deal and not this hypocritical abomination.

I served my country proudly during the height of the Viet Nam mis-adventure, and have always been proud and thankful to have been born in this great land. The sadness I feel over how a group of elites have hijacked the land of my birth goes almost beyond description, and what saddens me just as much is how people have been so dumbed down and anesthetized into taking being a US citizen for granted. My heart goes out to those teen and 20 somethings'. In some ways I am glad I am not just getting started today and am nearing the other end of the spectrum. A coherent American culture is disappearing fast.

I'll get off my pulpit and soapbox, and since this is a packet burst thought stream it may not sound all that coherent. I see very bad times coming for us all in the very near future, well at least for those of us who are not filthy rich and well connected....and now the final benediction....

There has been too much pain, too much sorrow, too much uncertainty, too few answers, too many lies, too many trips to cavalier doctors and to the ER, too much money made from the needless suffering of the common man by the soulless rich and powerful, too much fear, too much stress, too many nazis in places of power and responsibility, too many slick talking bull shit artists. I've closed all the books, turned the TV off, turned the radio off, turned most people around me off, turning the computer off, turning off the lights and pulling the main circuit breaker will be the last stop on the bus before i get off.

The site will remain online even though i may not, but right now my heart is too heavy, body too filled with pain and head to empty to continue any more on here.....for now.

If maintaining my site over the past 11 years has done nothing more than to make a few people think, if the links I've added over the years have given someone a valuable resource to use, or if anything contained in Rayzrealm has helped anyone in anyway....then it has all been worth it.

My final prayer to whatever higher power is in charge of the universe (I would say my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but he's on the rethuglican payroll now), well my prayer to him is that in the end, after all the dust has settled that the rich and powerful, those who have prospered from the vast oceans of blood, sweat, tears and misery they have brought upon humanity...well God, whoever you are, I pray that they get their day in court while the rest of us get to sit in the jury to pass sentence.

Here's the full dump of links and journals I had planned on adding. Until we meet again...somewhere in a foggy future, in hell, or never.

And lastly assorted links to sites and journals i lost the motivation to research further and add to the various pages of this site

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