God Visits Area51
Ray Levasseur (c) October ,2001

The perimeter guards were making their usual rounds here at Area51. There was something in the air, since the guard dogs were acting very edgy. With the entire world on the brink of Heaven knows what, everybody's on edge these days. The dogs caught a scent and raced off toward one of the main hangars, with a jeep full of  armed guards right behind them. The flood lights came on to reveal two men calmly walking among the base buildings. Both were dressed in shining white robes, one much older had long flowing white hair and a beard. The younger one appeared to be of Mid Eastern descent, looking a bit scruffy and also wearing longish haor and beard. "Halt right where you are or we will shoot to kill!" Both turned slowly to face the guards, looking down the barrels of rifles. The older one calmly spoke, "put that away. You might hurt yourself or someone else." He raised his arms, the guards nervously took aim and fired, but nothing happened. The younger of the two held up his arms, palms facing forward. In the spotlight beam, ugly scars could be seen on his wrists, others on his head, "we mean you no harm."

One guard stepped forward demanding, "who are you and how did you get on this base?" The older of the two calmly replied", well since the land this base was constructed on, as well as everything else in the universe was of my making, I suppose I can go whereever I wish. If you would rather I leave, I will. I don't stay where I'm not welcome."

Shalom, Ray

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