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Current Calendar
New Years Eve (Dec. 31st) Brew City, Worcester, MA
Friday, January 9th Wong Dynasty, Holden, MA
Saturday, January 31st Hogshead Tavern, Spencer, MA
Saturday, February 7th Private Party, West Boylston, MA
Friday, February 13th Plantation Club, Worcester, MA
Saturday, February 14th Firehouse Café, Worcester, MA
Saturday, March 21st Jillian's, Grove St., Worcester, MA
Friday, March 27th Firehouse Café, Exchange St., Worcester
Saturday, April 11th Hogshead Tavern, Spencer, MA
Friday April, 17th Brew City, Shrewsbury St., Worcester
Saturday, April 25th Wong Dynasty, Holden, MA
Friday, May 22nd Brew City, Shrewsbury St., Worcester
Saturday, May 23rd Chooch's, North Brookfield, MA
Saturday, May 30th Wong Dynasty, Holden, MA
Saturday, June 6th Killion's Pub, Templeton, MA

U.S. mail:
Seek Professional Help Productions
P.O. Box 216, Boylston, MA 01505

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Recent Performances:

Group Therapy has opened for: The Outlaws, The Fools, Farren, and various other bands in clubs and at festivals.


Ronny [vocals/guitar/harp] has been more or less the frontman from day one. A little guitar or harp and a lot of hooting & hollering all night long. He has also played bass & drums in several other bands.

Ritchie [vocals/keys] has played keyboards for 15 years. He has been with the band from the beginning and to the end. He likes the rough edge but has the talent to put keyboards to a really bad Zamphir song.

Tom [vocals/lead guitar] is known as the perkiest member of the band. He has been playing for many years, in various rock and Top-40 bands.

Scott [drums] has played drums for many years, with everyone! Any style, any where with flair. Influences: anyone who can swing and dance. Always in a good mood.

Mark (Dr. Funk) [Bass/Vocals] has worked in Top 40 Dance bands for the past 10 years * Alumnus of Berklee College of Music * Producer of cable access television show (Persona) on WCCA-13, Worcester, MA* Professional Guitar & Bass Guitar teacher * Performer/composer with The Rhythm Party * Answered ad thinking Group Therapy was a support group.

Group Therapy
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