The Rhythm Party

The Rhythm Party is a 4-10 piece original music band. The style of music we perform ranges from Jazz/Fusion to Death Metal to C & W. We consist of: guitar, tenor sax, bass, drums, and sometimes [if the stage is big enough]: trumpet, percussion, 2 dancers & a lightshow.

Our performances in larger rooms feature shadow dancing, costumes & a lightshow (it's a trip).

Saturday January 10th 1998
10 p.m. (opening for Jack & Present Company)
Above Club, 264 Park Ave., Worcester, MA.

We have 2 audio recordings available:

We also have 3 videos available: If you would like to read some of our published reviews, click below:

Blatant self-promotion by proxy

For more information write:
Rhythmically Correct Productions
P.O. Box 216, Boylston, MA 01505

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