*August 2nd, 2002 Severe Weather Outbreak Report

Severe Weather Outbreak Report for August 2nd, 2002

by: Robert Macedo, KD1CY, ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Taunton


The third biggest severe weather outbreak of the year occurred on

Friday August 2nd, 2002 as a MCS or Mesoscale Convective System hit

much of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut with damaging

winds and large hail. The complex started from clusters of severe

thunderstorms across Eastern New York and turn into one large MCS

over much of the area before weakening and moving Southeast of the



NWS Taunton Operations began at 1:30 PM as a Severe Thunderstorm

Watch was issued until 7 PM for much of the area. Carl Aveni, N1FY,

was first on station followed by Delilah Maldonado, KB1IQC and I

around 2:15 PM. For Delilah, it was her first time ever at NWS

Taunton and she did a stellar job logging reports of severe weather

as they were received across much of the region.


The IRLP link was established between the 448.175 Framingham Repeater

and the 147.105 Wilbraham Repeater so reports could be received from

Western Massachusetts and Connecticut into NWS Taunton. Ray Weber,

KA1JJM, Eric Tuller, N1QKO, and Jim Bernotas, N1VMH, were all on

frequency from Western Massachusetts SKYWARN.


Activity began in Franklin County Massachusetts as thunderstorms became

severe in that area. Trees and wires were blown down in Bernardston,

Greenfield and Deerfield, Massachusetts between 2:13-2:20 PM. Reports

came in from N1VMH, Jim, and KB1FTT, Scott as they occurred in this

area. Trees were blown down on top of a car in Hatfield, Massachusetts

in Hampshire County Massachusetts. SKYWARN was active on the 146.985

Greenfield and 146.94-Mount Tom Repeaters.


Severe Thunderstorms also formed over portions of Central and Southern

Berkshire County has the convective system developed. Quarter Sized

Hail occurred in Lee, Mass. at 2:27 PM. Dime to Quarter

Sized hail occurred in Monterey, Massachusetts at 2:31 PM with large

bracnhes blown down in West Stockbridge, Mass. at 2:46 PM. SKYWARN

was active on the 146.91 Mount Greylock Repeater through the efforts

of Dave-K1TTT and George-KB2SAE. Meantime further damage reports

were received in Hampshire County Massachusetts on the 146.94 Mount

Tom Repeater as 8 Inch Diameter trees were blown down in Amherst

with a 1 foot diameter tree down in Belchertown, Massachusetts.


The storms continued working East-Southeast and affected the

Southeastern part of Hampshire and the Eastern part of Hampden County

Massachusetts. In Hadley, Massachusetts, 4" Diameter Branches were

blown down at 2:55 PM while in Ludlow, Massachusetts, Hampden County,

trees and wires were blown down along with trees down in Palmer,

Massachusetts at 3:05 PM.


Activity in Franklin County raced into North-Central Worcester County

Massachusetts. SKYWARN was active on the 145.37-146.925

Worcester-Templeton linked repeater system through the efforts of Tom

Pratt-N1KKY. On the Westminster/Fitchburg Mass. 5/8" hail fell per

N1ZYG, Mark at 2:45 PM and later grew to Dime Sized Hail in Fitchburg

Mass at 3 PM. In West Boylston and Boylston Massachusetts at 3:10 and

3:15 PM, trees and wires were blown as severe thunderstorms ripped

through Central Worcester County. In South Worcester, Dime Sized

Hail was reported along with large trees down. As activity occurred

in Central Massachusetts, activity from Berkshire County moved into

Hampden County Massachusetts. In Westfield, Massachusetts, Dime Sized

Hail occurred at 3:20 PM along with a report of trees down at 3:30 PM.

Also, 2.6" of rain in 15 minutes was recorded with the storm in

Westfield between 3:15 and 3:30 PM. Trees were blown down in West

Springfield, Mass. along with a gutter blown right off a house in

West Springfield as well. Numerous reports of Pea Sized hail were

also received during this timeframe.


Meantime, back in Worcester County Massachusetts, 3 large trees were

blown down in Southborough, Massachusetts along with three separate

areas of trees down reported by Shrewbsury Fire Department via

Amateur Radio at 3:34 PM through the efforts of Jim Colonies, WX1L.

Activity began to work into Connecticut and Eastern parts of



SKYWARN was active on the 146.64 Waltham Repeater through the efforts

of Mike Nielsen, W1MPN. 8 Inch Diameter Trees were blown down in the

town of Acton, Mass. at 3:30 PM as the activity in Worcester County

moved eastward. At 3:42 PM, wind gusts to 50+ MPH and small branches

were blown down in Hopkinton, Mass. Trees were blown down in Wayland,

Massachusetts at 3:52 PM. Rotation was cited with this activity and

this appeared to stem from the fact that as the clusters of severe

thunderstorms evolved into a Mesoscale Convective System, the system

rotates and that's why the rotation occurred. SKYWARN was also

active on the 146.625-Haverhill and 145.47 Danvers Repeaters to cover

Northern Middlesex and Essex Counties. This was done through the

efforts of Mike, W1MPN, Mark, W1MAR, and Jim, KA1BSH.


SKYWARN was active in Connecticut through the efforts of Harv, K1PZS.

Reports of a measured wind gust of 52 MPH and 6" Inch tree limbs

down on wires was reported in Manchester, CT at 3:55 PM. At 4 PM,

1.5" of rain fell in 15 minutes in Enfield, CT. Other reports

of wind damage received in Connecticut were at 3:25 PM, windows

blown out of a home in West Suffield, CT, trees down in Hartland

CT at 3:32 PM, 5-8" Diameter Limbs down in Windsor CT at 3:50 PM,

6" Diamter Limbs down in Suffield, CT at 3:56 PM, 8 Inch Diameter

Trees down in Willington, CT at 4:05 PM and 6-7" Diameter

limbs down in Ashford, CT at 4:12 PM. These reports were relayed

by Ray, KA1JJM, from non-Amateur SKYWARN spotters in those areas.

This activity maintained its intensity and moved into Northern and

Central Rhode Island from Southern Worcester County, Mass. and

Windham County CT. A few reports of Pea Sized hail were also

received during this timeframe.


MEMA Framingham (WC1MA) went on the air through the efforts of Tom

Kinahan-N1CPE. We forwarded information to Tom on currend damage

infromation from MEMA and they kept in touch with us in case they

received damage reports. The 53.31-Mount Wachusett Repeater was

utilized for that communication.


SKYWARN was active on 146.76 Scituate, RI Repeater through the efforts

of John Buco, N1EGS, Ralph Nahigian, KE1GL, and Martin Mendelson, N1JMA.

Small branches were blown down in West Foster, RI at 4:20 PM.

Reports from Ralph, KE1GL, had 1" hail and trees down in Smithfield,

RI at 4:15 PM along with wires being blown down in a few locations.

At 4:30 PM, telephone poles and wires were blown down

on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston, RI. Also, at 4:25 PM in Coventry, RI,

a 16" Diameter tree was blown down blocking Pembroke Lane with reports

of branches up to 6" in diameter blown down. TV Media had an unconfirmed

report of a tornado in Coventry, RI but this was proven wrong by John

Buco, N1EGS, who talked with people in the area of the possible

tornado and no damage occurred. Striaght line winds that bounced off

of trees and the terrain likely led the public involved with the

report to believe there was a tornado in the area. This highlights

the importance of spotters and coordinators to confirm damage and

also to disprove incorrect reports.


SKYWARN was also active on the 146.895 Walpole Repeater as activity

skirted Norfolk County Massachusetts. Dave Doe-K1HRV and Roger Turner-

W1ZSA were on frequency.


Activity refired in Western Massachusetts and Northwest CT as activity

was occurring in Rhode Island. In Colebrook, CT, several reports of

Quarter-Half-Dollar Sized Hail was reported at 4:30 PM. Quarter Sized

hail and trees were blown down in Winchester, CT as well. These

reports were relayed from the Litchfield County SKYWARN Net. The

Litchfield County SKYWARN Net was run by Dixie Delancey, KD1UK.


Berkshire County SKYWARN remained active as more severe thunderstorms

formed in the Central and Southeast parts of the county. At 4:18 PM,

trees were blown down in West Pittsfield, Mass. At 4:58 PM,

trees and wires were blown down in Otis Massachusetts. The activity

moved eastward and prompted a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Western

Hampden County where trees were blown down in Blanford at 5:05 PM. 3-5"

Diameter branches were blown down in Lenox, Mass. at 5:15 PM. SKYWARN

remain active on the 146.91 Mount Greylock and 146.94 Mount Tom



Activity continued in the Western parts of Hartford County, CT. At

5:15 PM, a dozen 2-3 foor diameter trees were blown down in Farmington,

CT. At 5:15 PM, trees and wires were blown down in Bristol, CT with

numerous roads blocked restricting travel significantly. At 5:20 PM,

trees and wires were blown down in Burlington, CT. Reports were

relayed to Ray Weber, KA1JJM, by John Bagioni a private meteorologist

who lives in Burlington, CT and checked out the three towns for

possible damage. John is also a trained SKYWARN Spotter. He reported

that soo many roads were blocked in Bristol, CT at one point that

it restricted his way to get home and some roads were not opened

until the next day.


Activity slowed down as the evening hours came and Carl, N1FY, secured

from the operation. Delilah, KB1IQC, and I remained on station for

a few more hours.


Activity refired in the Northwest part of Franklin County

Massachusetts were a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued. The

severe thunderstorm was in a very uninhabited area but went through

the Monroe State Park. At 7:18 PM, three trees were blown down per

the Monroe State Park official and relayed by Ray, KA1JJM. Activity

was monitored through the rest of Franklin County, Massachusetts by

Jim, N1VMH, but no further severe criteria reports were received.


The SKYWARN Activation was secured at 9:20 PM. Special thanks to

all those that assisted in this Severe Weather Outbreak.


Respectfully Submitted,


Robert Macedo (KD1CY)

ARES SKYWARN Coordinator

SEMCARES Emergency Coordinator

Pager #: (508) 354-3142

Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)

Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503  (After 6 PM)

Work Phone #: 1-800-445-2588 Ext.: 72929  (8 AM-5 PM)

Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com




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