1997 Massachusetts Statewide SET Drill Section

The 1997 Massachusetts Statewide SET Drill which was for 'mock' Hurricane Zena
was a smashing success for the region. The drill occurred on Saturday December 6th
from 10 AM-Noon. There were 263 ARES and SKYWARN Check-ins and 70 RACES town
checkins bringing the total number of check-ins to 333 for the drill. The
check-ins came from 6 different states, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. The drill showed strong
participation and showed that the three emergency communication groups, ARES,
RACES and SKYWARN can all work together in a communications emergency.
Pictures from the Massachusetts Statewide Drill as well as the Massachusetts
Statewide drill Report, appear on the links below.

1997 Massachusetts Statewide Drill Report
1997 Massachusetts Statewide Drill Pictures

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