May 30th-31st, 1998 NWS Open House Pictures

The following section on the May 30th-31st, 1998 NWS Open House was
made possible through the efforts of the following people who
provided pictures of the event:

Massachusetts State RACES Radio Officer:	N1CPE-Tom Kinahan
South Shore SKYWARN Coordinator:		N1FYZ-Carl Aveni
Former NWS Taunton Forecaster:			Eleanor Vallier-Talbot*

* Eleanor Vallier Talbot transferred to NWS Charleston, SC. in
September of 1998.

Here is the front of the office served by SKYWARN across all
of Massachusetts except for Berkshire county, all of Rhode Island,
Hartford, Tolland and Windham counties in Northern CT and Cheshire
and Hillsborough Counties of New Hampshire, the National Weather
Service Forecast Office in Taunton Massachusetts.

Here is the portable station setup that we had at NWS Taunton. Tom Kinahan, N1CPE, William Dohr, KB0UYO, and Rob Macedo, KD1CY are busy setting up the station for a demonstration.
Here is a picture of the NWS Taunton and adjoining Northeast River Forecast Center. Shown at the computer screen is journeyman forecaster Lee Czeypha.
Here is a picture of Howard Baker, W1JVW, and Bob Metivier, N1XZJ, at the booth that they helped man at NWS Taunton. Their efforts were much appreciated.
Here is a full size picture of the booth with the sign for the SEMCARES, the Southeast Massachusetts ARES group pictured in front of the booth along with a PC slide show provided by Bob Metivier, N1XZJ who is pictured left, and Tom Kinahan, N1CPE looks on, with Rob Macedo, KD1CY, making last minute changes to the booth.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency based out of Maynard, Massachusetts sent one of there mobile command units to the NWS Open House. These types of mobile units are used at various disasters such as Hurricanes Bonnie, Earl, and Georges as well as Hurricanes Andrew, and Hugo. The station has virtually every form of communications, satelite, amateur radio, commerical and government frequencies. A tour of the mobile unit was given and 10 people were allowed into the vehicle at a time.
This picture shows Bob Metivier, N1XZJ, and William Dohr, KB0UYO posing in front of the booth. Both were instrumental in keeping the Open House Booth running on Sunday May 31st and made an impact as a Severe Weather Outbreak not seen in many years plowed through many portions of Southern New England.
Shown in this picture is the completed ham radio setup. HF contacts to France was made with this setup along with an APRS demo. Special thanks to Carl Aveni, N1FYZ, and Bill Miller K1IBR for providing the materials to setup the antennas for the booth.
Shown below were more helpers at the Open House and for the major SKYWARN/ARES/RACES activation that followed. From left to right is Tony Duarte, N1XRS, Brian Sladewski, N1XQL, and Mike Baril, N1PSE. Tony is the Dartmouth Communications Officer, with Brian being his assistant, and Mike N1PSE is the Area III East RACES Radio Officer who is also the founder of his very own Central Mass. Public Safety Organization. His truck is featured in this picture as well.
Shown below again is William Dohr, KB0UYO, complete with his storm chaser vehicle! Also, his PA speaker system was used to announce events that were occurring at the open house. NWS Open House coordinators, Doug Young and Eleanor Vallier-Talbot were very much appreciative of those efforts.
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