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At long last a picture of me. I finally got a scanner and finally had
someone take a picture of me. This is me in a familiar position, in
front of my amateur radio talking with friends or handling an emergency
communication situation.

About Rob

I was born in a little town called Saratoga Springs, NY, about 30 miles
north of the capital of Albany New York on Nov. 9, 1973. After
graduating high school, I moved to New Bedford, Mass to go to the University
of Massachusetts-Dartmouth to study Electrical Engineering. I chose that
school because they had a good engineering program and to be closer
to most of my family. I graduated UMASS-Dartmouth with my degree, and
went to work for EMC Corporation in Hopkinton, MA. EMC Corporation
makes large storage systems for mainframe and open system computer
environments. After 5 months as a System Test Technician, I was
promoted to Systems Test Engineer, where I worked for 3 years, two
years in Production System Test Engineering and the last year in
New Products Introduction System Test Engineering. In October of 1999,
I was promoted to Systems Evaluation Engineer for the Peripheral
Engineering group and I now work on System disk drive and fibre
channel integration and performance testing working closely with our
Engineering department.

As you might have guessed, my biggest hobby is
ham radio, and it ties into my other big
interest which is the weather. I coordinate the NWS Taunton's SKYWARN
program as a community and public service and because I love weather
and radio and this is a way to tie to of my favorite hobbies together.
I was even given an award for my efforts last year which was great.
Its nice to be recognized for working hard especially when its something
you enjoy.
I also use amateur radio to meet new and intersting people. Amateur
radio has allowed me to meet some people that have become very
important to me and its great to make new friends who share a
common interest.

Other then my interest in amateur radio, I enjoy
listening to progressive rock and heavy metal with RUSH being my
favorite band. I am also a big football and hockey fan, and I am a BIG
Bruins fan. I enjoy going to some concerts and sports events and going
to that occasional good movie at the theater and just "hanging" with

For those that might be interested here is my Profile:

Full name:  Robert David Macedo
Nicknames:  Bobo (from High School), Woody (from work)
Place of birth: Saratoga Springs, New York
Birth Date:  November 9, 1973
Places you've lived: I was born and raised in Upstate New York,
in Saratoga Springs, 30 miles north of Albany NY. then moved to New
Bedford, Mass. for college in August of 1991 where I still live
Your zodiac sign:  Scorpio
Parents: Leo and Terry Macedo
Siblings and their ages:  Kenny (37), Linda (31)
Graduated H.S. & College: Saratoga Central Catholic High School (1991), 
UMASS-Dartmouth for Electrical Engineering (1995)
Best Advice Ever: "Whenever you have a problem, always talk it
out, even if you just want somebody there just to listen. It always
makes you feel better."
Favorite Word/Phrase: "You're flustered" "So Cool" "Its been a 
(bad/good/tough) day in Mudville"
Coolest experience in life (so far): Meeting people in amateur
radio and helping out a younger friend of mine in amateur radio,
Graduating college, and being an engineer.
Things that you wish you would have done: Been more confident in
my abilities in high school and most of college.
Song(s) that couldn't be improved upon: Rush "A Farewell to Kings"
Favorite Group to see in concert: Rush
Most Influential Person: My Cousin Ruth, and one of my Amateur
Radio friends, Tony
What you want to be: A design engineer at work, continue to be
devoted to public service in amateur radio, and have someone that will
be there for me, and share my triumphs and defeats with me.
Biggest Fear: Being without someone for without that, I don't
think I'll ever maximize my abilities and talents to the fullest.
Items you Collect: Amateur Radio gear, computer stuff, Rush
stuff, books on Amateur Radio, Storm Chaser videoes
Favorite Music: Classic Rock, some heavy metal, and slow songs if
you're with the right person.
Groups/Singers you enjoy: Rush, Queensryche, Pearl Jam, Stone
Temple Pilots. Dance music is OK, if I have someone to dance with.
Favorite food: Italian, Portugese, Seafoord & Pizza

For the non-ham operators out there, (Not that there's that many!) Here
are some links that I use when I'm chillin', ENJOY!

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