Traffic Nets in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Traffic Nets in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island

***All Nets Seven Days a Week Unless Otherwise Noted***

Please Note: This information came from WA1TBY's Networks Newsletter

Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island CW Traffic Net:
3.658 Mhz  @ 7-10 PM. Net Manager: K1SEC-Paul

Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island Voice Traffic Net:
3.918  Mhz @ 5:30 PM. Net Manager: WA1FNM-Andy

First Region Net Voice:
3.948 Mhz @ 1:45 and 3:30 PM. Net Manager: K1TQY-Dawn

Region 1 Net/Cycle 3 CW:
3.602 Mhz  @ 6:30 PM. Net Manager: W1WCG-Van

Region 1 Net/4 CW:
3.602 Mhz  @ 7:45 and 9:30 PM. Net Manager: N1FT-Rich

Cape and Islands Traffic Net:
146.685 Mhz @ 7:30 PM. Net Manager: N1SGL-Brad

EM2MN Boston area Traffic Net:
145.23 Mhz PL:88.5  @ 8 PM. Net Manager: N1LKJ-Jim

Heavy Hitters Traffic Net:
146.64 Mhz @ 10:30 PM. Net Manager: N1IST-Mike

Ocean State Traffic Net:
147.360 Mhz PL:100 @ 8:30 PM. Net Manager: KA1JXH-Bill

Packet BBS Liaison:
145.09 K1UGM BBS . Net Manager: N1FWV

Note: If problems on EM2MN 145.23 then alternate frequency will be
146.64, If problems on the HHTN 146.64, go to 145.23 alternate

ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Taunton
SEMCARES Emergency Coordinator

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