1999 Massachusetts Statewide SET Drill Report

Massachusetts Statewide SET Report...Massachusetts National Guard
Sponsored Y2K Drill Report by Robert Macedo, KD1CY, ARES SKYWARN
Coordinator for NWS Taunton with contributions from SKYWARN
Coordinators, RACES Radio Officers, and ARES/RACES/SKYWARN net controls
and Emergency Management Directors as noted by section.

Report from the National Weather Service in Taunton Massachusetts by
Rob Macedo, KD1CY:

The Massachusetts National Guard in conjunction with Massachusetts
ARES/RACES/SKYWARN and Air Force and Army MARS conducted a drill
to simulate a Y2K Communications outage along with an ice storm that
effected much of Southern New England, similiar to an ice storm that
occurred in Northern New England in January, 1998. The drill was
conducted on Saturday September 11th. The SKYWARN activation for
this drill was started at 9 AM through 3 PM. Glenn Field, Warning
Coordination Meteorologist at NWS Taunton wrote Special Weather
Statements on the storm based on statements from the actual
ice storm that occurred in Maine. John Jensenius, Warning
Coordination Meteorologist at NWS Gray Maine provided this
information for us. Special thanks to John Jensenius and Glenn
Field for their efforts.

SKYWARN nets were requested to activate at 9 AM and take check-ins
of either weather in the ice storm drill scenario, or actual weather
conditions that they were experiencing for that day. NWS Taunton
activated at 9 AM and made contact with MEMA Framingham on the
6 meter 53.31 Mount Wachusett Repeater. We were told by Tom Kinahan,
N1CPE, Massachusetts State RACES Radio Officer that the repeater
had been brought down due to a Y2K issue, and communicated briefly
on 6 meter simplex before moving to the 147.15 Framingham Repeater
to establish communications with MEMA. A statement concerning the
ice storm that was about ready to impact the region was read to

Following that, roving to various repeaters took place beginning
with the 145.49 Fairhaven Repeater and then moving to the 147.18
Bridgewater, 146.64 Waltham, and 146.97 Paxton Repeaters.
Stations present that acted as liaison and net controls for
these frequencies included, N1FYZ, Carl Aveni, and WA1GDJ Gil
Follett, South Shore SKYWARN Coordinator on the 147.18 Bridgewater
Repeater, Dave Doe, K1HRV, and Roger Turner, W1ZSA on the
146.895 Walpole Repeater, and Marc Stern, WA1R, and 
Bill Ricker, N1VUX on the 146.64 Waltham Repeater. Also, N1VDX 
Steve Woodward, and KA1BSH, Jim Thomson, also relayed reports from 
the Haverhill Repeater on 146.625 to NWS as needed on Waltham. We 
also contacted them on the Haverhill Repeater but its at the limits
of the range of the equipment at NWS to contact them on the 
Haverhill Repeater.

Communications were established with all repeaters and functional
SKYWARN groups on those repeaters as during a regular activation.
Tactical messages on the current weather situation were handled
as appropriate and net reports gathered from all the various nets.

A piece of formal message traffic from Don Horton, N1ISB was relayed
through the Area III Belechertown MEMA HQ with no issues as Eric,
N1QKO, Western Massachusetts Assistant SKYWARN Coordinator passed along
the traffic message.

Continued communications of the ice storm was handled through the
6 meter 53.31 MHz Mount Wachusett Repeater. Having this repeater for
liaison between MEMA and Western Massachusetts and Connecticut has
been quite useful for numerous drills and actual activations since
NWS received the 6 meter/HF radio and antenna system in July of 1998.

During the drill, two other items of interest were handled. Hurricane
Floyd, which was an intensifying powerful hurricane was threatening
the US East Coast, advisory messages and guidance from NWS Taunton
Meteorologists on the possible effects of Floyd to the region
were relayed to several nets during the actual drill to allow
for further planning for Floyd's impact which was expected to
be by Thursday into Friday of that week.

Also, the night before the drill, excessive rainfall amounts of
3-9" of rain fell across Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island
causing flooding of many areas. Additional reports of flooding,
and final rain guage totals from that storm were handled during
the drill. This information was included in final reports on
that event by Neal Strauss at NWS Taunton.

Call in to the various nets setup across the state were handled
right through until 3 PM. Tom Pratt, N1KKY, upon completion
of the RACES Net on the 145.37 Templeton Repeater, activated
the Worcester/Templeton Repeater link and gathered a few additional
stations to check into the drill up until 2 PM and then the link
was deactivated and the informal net secured on that frequency.
All repeaters were checked into approximately once every two hours
if not sooner for additional check-ins and information either in
the drill scenario or real reports of current weather conditions.

At 3 PM, NWS Taunton relayed to MEMA Headquarters and to all other
nets that the SKYWARN Actvation for the National Guard Y2K Drill
Exercise was completed and thanked all for their support and for
the use of the repeaters for the timeframe of the drill.

At this time a total of 173 amateur radio operators participated
in this drill, and including Massachusetts, there were check-ins
from a total of 4 states. Along with Massachusetts, stations
also checked in from Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York

If there are any additional amateurs that participated in this
drill, please let me know for inclusion in this report. If
anyone has a report that they would like included in this
drill report, please contact me as soon as possible. By
November, a copy of this report will be circulated to the
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather
Service in Taunton, Massachusetts, and the American Radio Relay
League Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut.

Here are reports from other SKYWARN Coordinators and NCS's,
and RACES Radio Officers and Emergency Management Directors:

The following is my report of the Statewide Simulated Emergency Test
(SET) held on Saturday September 11, 1999.
The purpose of this SET is to exercise the Massachusetts RACES, ARES,
and SKYWARN organization in a coordinated statewide simulated 
emergency. The event simulated Y2K, or New Years day on January 1, 
2000, in conjunction with a winter storm involving icing, modeled 
after the Northern New England ice storm a few years ago that 
crippled that area. In the course of working on the scenario for 
this drill, we found that the Massachusetts National Guard had 
planned a drill with the same scenario for roughly the same time of 
year, so we moved our drill to coincide with the drill of the 
National Guard. 

The specific scenario had midnight simulated at 7am on September 11th
at 7am. For the purposes of the drill, we decided not to ask
participants to convert the simulated time, and messages were filed in
real local time. Events that were reported used relative time
indicating events occurring a number of hours in the past or future.
SKYWARN operators were asked to check in to SKYWARN nets and provide
actual current observations, or predict the weather on Y2K. Because of
recent rain and flooding events, Rob Macedo at the SKYWARN desk at
NWS Taunton requested actual rainfall amounts and flooding reports from
the recent weather event the day before.

The specific scenario had midnight simulated at 7am on September 11th
at 7am. For the purposes of the drill, we decided not to ask 
participants to convert the simulated time, and messages were filed 
in real local time. Events that were reported used relative time 
indicating events occurring a number of hours in the past or future.

We began the SET at seven AM, with a call up of MEMA Area 1, 2 and 
3 RACES stations on 53.31. All areas were operational and had 
acknowledged traffic by 7:42 am that set the ground rules for the 
All Area RACES Officers had copies of the draft state RACES plan, 
and many individual town RACES operators had requested and been sent
a copy electronically.
One of my concerns in this event is that we keep the operators busy 
enough that they don’t get bored, which can happen in this sort of 
event. I had asked for a call up of each of the RACES nets in the 
state hourly, and report stations that checked in, and also to 
indicate the status of their EOC within the context of the drill. 
We therefore started hourly callups of Area RACES stations to 
request this data. At the same time, we had also asked indicated 
to all RACES net control stations that MEMA Headquarters would be 
listening on certain known frequencies in the event of any failures.
The frequencies were 53.31 repeater, 448.625 Repeater, 147.15 Repeater
(located within the building) 3.943 Mhz and 144.39 APRS.

In the second hour, we started causing failures of repeater systems 
as may be expected during an heavy ice storm. Each net control 
station was asked to implement their backup procedures for failure of
these systems. The backup procedure is defined in the Draft RACES 
Plan, but are ultimately the responsibility of the individual Net 
Control station to ensure traffic passes and deal with unexpected 
events. There were reports that I have not been able to confirm, 
however, that net control stations ignored the failure announcement,
and continued on the normal frequency.  Failures were only requested 
for 1 hour at a time each, so as to not over burden the participants.

Early on, we had received word, from the National Guard, that as part
of their drill, there was a solar flare detected that was causing 
disruption of communications used by pagers and satellites. Also HF 
communication over more than 1000 miles was affected and not possible.
I received a phone call at MEMA during the drill, but after area 3 had
secured from a John Vanbobo N1VRC who identified himself as the Air 
Force MARS director for Massachusetts. He had received a request from 
Area 3 to call them on 51.31, which apparently had been a request for
them to call them on the six meter repeater, on 53.31 MHz. It appears
that the message was intended for MEMA Headquarters requesting a 
contact with Area 3 on 53.31 MHz. Ultimately, as a test, and 
slightly outside of the drill parameters, we attempted contact on 
the FEMA frequency of 10.493 MHz but this was not possible during 
the daytime between his location in Charlemont and Framingham. 
Then, as director of the Massachusetts AF MARS program, he 
authorized MEMA to operate on 4.590 MHz using the normal 
federally assigned callsign. Contact was made with John’s station 
AFA1XN for 15 minutes as we tested the connection. We made plans 
for a letter of understanding that would authorize MEMA to operate 
on 4.590 MHz during emergencies to contact Massachusetts MARS 

How things went

We found that Area 1 was undermanned. Bruce Anderson took the morning
shift there, and Ron Reder took the afternoon shift at Area 1. Both
were alone. We found that it was very difficult to contact Area 1. 
I believe this was a result of the Statewide net sharing a radio 
with the Area 1 net between the Area Headquarters and each of the 
net control stations. We found that most RACES channels, MEMA VHF, 
and telephone were not successful in gaining the attention of the 
Area 1 Operator. The best way to reach Area 1 was via MEMA 800 MHz 
system, but even that was not usually successful. It meant that 
Area 1 was left out of many of the scenarios of the drill, and got 
news and information much later than area 2 and 3.

Area 3 East and West combined into Area 3 at Belchertown. I don’t 
yet have any reports of how successful the Area 3 east coverage was.
As part of the drill, I had asked for hourly reports of check ins 
to RACES nets. However, I have numerous reports that some nets were 
only called up once during the drill, thus limiting the coverage, 
and usefulness of the drill. People were interested in participating,
but many of the nets didn’t happen.

I received a phone call on the RACES hotline, that the Sector 1E Net
control station had not had any contact with Area 1 Headquarters. The
normal net control station was away, and a different station was 
participating. He didn’t have 6 meters to contact area 1 on the 
Area 1 channel. He was referred to any of the other area 1 sector net
frequencies to make contact.
Back at Framingham, as a result of one of my major goals for the 
drill was to show we could all do a shift change. For the areas, 
I left that problem up to them to solve individually. For us, I 
recruited two additional people to supplement our usual crew. 
Unfortunately, Dennis and Karen Brothers had an unexpected emergency 
during the drill, that required  Karen’s attention all day. Dennis 
was able to break away for a while to fill in with our drill. The 
good news is that they became Grandparents again! 

Peter Simpson KA1AXY who is President of the Framingham Amateur Radio
Association joined me at 7am. Steve Schwarm W3EVE, the Eastern 
Massachusetts Section Emergency Coordinator, joined us at about 10am,
and Bob Hess W1RH came in to relieve Peter at 1pm.

Both Peter and Bob are interested in participating in the RACES 
program further. 

After reading some of the NTS messages, we can all use a bit more 
practice sending and receiving messages in the RACES / NTS format.
Navy - Marine Corp Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) for Southern
New England also held a Y2K drill in conjunction with this us. Beside
the effort of Area 3 HQ to send a message via Air Force MARS to MEMA 
HQ in Framingham, no interaction was noted. 

In Central Massachusetts, the Red Cross was planning to drill on 
packet radio commiunications between EOCs and shelters. I have no 
data on the outcome of that test.

We received indications that EOCs in the following communities were 
activated for this drill: Natick, Newburyport, Chelmsford, Westford, 
Marlboro, Walpole, Webster, Millbury, Leominster, Millville, Westfield,
Southwick, State of Rhode Island.

Following our understanding, I attempted to contact Dennis Zonia, the
Western Massachusetts Section Emergency Coordinator, via pager, to 
ask his help to provide assistance to a situation that required 
communication assistance in Millville. We were unable to contact 
Dennis to request his help in spite of the fact that he had checked 
in to an Area 3 net according to reports included here.

Lessons Learned

We continue to receive "complaints" (maybe friendly reminders) from 
Area 3 communities regarding the length of the messages.  I’ve 
challenged these communities to invent a method of getting the same 
information out, that none have taken up as of yet. Some documentation
of the issue is in the accompanying data submitted with this report.
It appears a closer alignment with the MARS organizations can prove 
useful, and hopefully improve the accuracy of messages passing 
between systems.

Ninety four Stations are shown as participating in RACES nets. 
We need to get a list of additional names in the Western Massachusetts
ARES organization in case Dennis Zonia is unavailable.

MEMA Area III RACES Report by Steve Rodowicz, N1SR, Area III West
RACES Radio Officer, and Michael Baril, N1PSE, Area III East
RACES Radio Officer:

Verified HF capability (3943kHz).

Due to lack of antenna tuner, SSB was limited to approx 5 watts, which
was insufficient to be heard by K1VSG in Webster. Switched to CW &
signal was copied by K1VSG and stations in Leominster & Athol. 

Verified 6M Simplex capability.

6M antenna at 140 feet was adequate for communications with Framingham
and Area 2 HQ in both SSB & FM modes.

6M antenna at 100 feet was not adequate for communications with
Framingham and Area 2 HQ in FM and barely adequate in SSB mode. This is
apparently due to both lower height and higher loss feedline.

6M FM Simplex contact was also made with Southwick Mobile EOC located
in known poor VHF location.

Inserted traffic into MARS Traffic System. 

Successfully contacted AF MARS liaison station (KB2SAE) and passed 1
piece of traffic (WC1AAR # 106 to N1CPE).

Traffic Count
Originated:	5	Received:	17	Relayed: 23

Contacted ARES Packet Node
Did not receive any Weather transmissions from NWS Taunton on packet.

Maintained APRS Node during part of SET
Missed part of APRS message broadcast from MEMA Framingham HQ(N1CPE).

Secured station at 1210.

Some interstation interference. Specifically, 146.97 was rendered
inoperable at times by operation on 146.985. Alinco 605 required
"resetting" to restore receive after each such occurrence.
ACTION ITEM: Investigate Alinco 605 “reset” problem
ACTION ITEM: Investigate interstation interoperability

Lack of pre-established preamble beyond “monthly drill” preamble
hindered operation. 
ACTION ITEM: Prepare tailored emergency activity preamble

Alinco 605 using Dual Band antenna at 160 feet experienced distortion
of received 440 signals after transmitter had been used for “callups”.
Distortion disappeared after radio had chance to “cool down”. In
addition, signals (both receive and transmit) appeared to be lower than
those at station using Alinco and identical antenna at 120 feet. (Note:
Antenna at 160 feet has known Vswr problems, probably due to bad
feedline.) Additionally, the antenna at 80 feet used with the “old”
Kenwood functioned better than the 605 with the antenna at 160 feet.

ACTION ITEM: Try to duplicate this to verify poor Vswr as probable 
cause of difficulty.

Area level activity was low. Many stations normally active during First
Monday drills did not participate. Early SET reports from other
participants in Area 3 indicate that many normally active stations were
participating in tactical operations and not available for the area
nets. Additionally, some “regulars” were on vacation and not available
for Area 3 activities.

All operators need additional training and practice in handling formal
traffic. This includes Area 3, Framingham and at least some towns.
(i.e. overly long messages, no CHECK, inconsistent word
counting/formatting by same operator/originator)

Operator manning radio on 146.91 reduced extraneous noise by using
headphones. This should be done on all stations. All stations (less
packet) should have comfortable headphones for use with each radio at
that station. (Adapters & /or switching as required.)

Area 3 Headquarters operators were not fully prepared or proficient in
use of all equipment. 

- Digital operations (Packet, APRS, etc) rely on a single individual.
All operators need to be trained in the operation of the Packet station
(both normal and APRS).  

Motorola (MCS2000) transceiver used on Area 3 Central and 3 West
frequencies has no users information (manual) available. 

Insufficient experience as net control

Unfamiliarity with equipment (i.e. Alinco 605).

Many of these difficulties could be reduced by easier after-hours
access to Area 3 headquarters.

- The packet station needs to have a list of Node / Digipeater
locations and their associated direct frequencies.  

All antenna feed lines (coax) should be better and more permanently

- Packet (both normal and APRS) should be included in the monthly drill
if we are doing to maintain packet capabilities.  Not necessarily each
month but at least a few times each year.  


Participation in area wide nets was low, but at least partially offset
by participation in individual community activities. 

Area 3 HQ operators are still learning and becoming more comfortable
with required tasks and equipment capabilities.  Based on this
exercise, expected performance in the event of an actual event would
be adequate.

Equipment status at Area 3 Headquarters is marginally adequate. Faulty
operation of newly installed antennas limits operation to either Area 3
East or Area 3 West, not both simultaneously.

Ultimately the effectiveness of communications from Area 3 is limited
to the availability of stations in effected communities. Approximately
ten (10) Area 3 communities were represented during the SET. More would
be expected during an actual event, but their overall effectiveness may
be limited.

Effective cooperation between RACES, ARES & MARS was demonstrated.

Respectfully Submitted,

MB						SR

Michael Baril - N1PSE			Steve Rodowicz - N1SR
MEMA Area 3 East RACES Officer	MEMA Area 3 West RACES Officer 


Activities on the repeater took place from 0900 to 1200 local time on
Saturday 11 September. They included a SKYWARN drill net and several
sessions of RACES operational nets, as well as liaison 
with Air Force MARS nets and American Red Cross sites.

The SKYWARN drill net  covered a large area, with checkins from 5
counties in Massachusetts, 5 counties in New York State, and one in New
Hampshire.  There were thirty stations participating, representing 21
cities and towns.  

Two summary reports of simulated conditions were sent to the National
Weather Service Office at Taunton via amateur radio as formal message
traffic: one through MEMA Area Four West Headquarters; one via the MARS
route. Since no acknowledgement has been received at the time of this
filing, no comment can be made in this report. as to the efficiency of
the routes.  Since an attempt to pass information directly during the
1997 SET failed due  to the refusal of an NCS on one of the repeaters
to allow the traffic through, it will be interesting to learn whether
the situation has improved.

Unfortunately, HF would have proved to be an unuasble option, even if
the station at Taunton were up and running.   Several stations here in
Berkshire County attempted to use or monitor the MEMA emergency
frequencies during the drill, but propagation was so bad that 75 meters
was unusable out here.

The Area 4 West RACES operation consisted of three nets interspersed
with the SKYWARN net.

The sharing of the repeater worked well -- there were no glitches and
no conflicts, although this might have  been diffferent in a real storm
emergency.  Had there been need to pass emergency storm reports during
one of these intervals, a conflict might have arisen.  It is my
personal feeling that the MEMA callup procedure
should be streamlined: there is no need to call stations county-by
county. MEMA should also follow NTS  procedure in originating messages,
keeping them to 25 words or less in text length.  This is doable using 
a telegrammatic style, and simply by writing good, tight English

Total formal message traffic on this repeater during the drill was
nine. Considering that there were some transmission problems from
Belchertown (which were fixed during the drill), this went very well.  
Fills were provided when needed.  

The presence of Air Force MARS operators to act as an alternative
conduit for traffic was an asset, to say the least.  Because of the
greater frequency flexibliity available to MARS, they can be a great
help in times of emergency.

Report from Southwick Emergency Management Agency (KB1CDL) by
Charles Dunlap, K1II:

Y2K activity in Southwick: 
EOC opened by Keith N1MOC at 0730. Arrival at 0800 by Tyler N1YFH and
Charlie K1ii and Bernie N1WHA. Pauline, N1EVE operated relay HF and
checked into SKYWARN from home QTH on emergency power. 40 and 75 meters
but was not used due to solar flare message.Jim N1ZCL (RACES/ARES)
operated and checked into the EOC from home. Paul KA1TRF(ARES) checked
in as packet liaison for Southwick operating from home. At 0830 a 6
meter yagi three element was erected at twenty feet for the Southwick
EOC. The Mobile Communications Command vehicle was used to supplement
the EOC. Communications was established with: Navy MARS W1ALL Southwick
liaison, SKYWARN, Westfield / Granville / Belchertown MEMA Area 3/
Framingham MEMA HQ EOC's. Two meter simplex, repeater, 6meter simplex,
repeater was used. A test on 6 meters failed due to Alinco DX70-TH
failure at Southwick EOC.  The scenerio was high wind drifting snow
during a Noreaster blizzard Jan. 1st 2001 with sporadic power
failures.  The exercise lasted from 0730 to 1200 hours on September 11,


Charles Dunlap K1ii
EMD Southwick / ARES AEC Hampden- West

Served Agency Station and Operator List:

NWS Taunton:

1	KD1CY		Rob		ARES SKYWARN Coordinator	

MEMA HQ Framingham: 

1	N1CPE		Tom		MEMA State RACES Radio Officer
2	W3EVE		Steve		ARES Eastern Mass. SEC
3	KE6DPL		Dennis		MEMA HQ RACES Radio Operator
4	W1RH		Bob		MEMA HQ RACES Radio Operator
5	KA1AXY		Peter		MEMA HQ RACES Radio Operator

MEMA Area I Tewksbury (WC1ABL):

1	W1LUS		Bruce		MEMA Area I Radio Operator
2	KA1KCU		Ron		MEMA Area I Radio Operator

MEMA Area II Bridgewater (WC1CAA):

1	WA1OEZ		Bob		MEMA Area II RACES Radio Officer
2	KD1NX		Bill		MEMA Area II RACES Radio Operator
3	N1MII		Lenny		MEMA Area II RACES Radio Operator
4	WA1CFS		John		MEMA Area II RACES Radio Operator

MEMA Area III Belechertown (WC1AAR):

1	N1SR 		Steve		MEMA Area 3 West RACES Officer
2	N1PSE		Mike		MEMA Area 3 East RACES Officer
3	N1RLX		Ray		MEMA Area 3 West Radio Operator
4	N1WGX		Bill		MEMA Area 3 West Radio Operator
5	N1QKO 		Eric		MEMA Area 3 West Radio Operator/
					Assistant WMA SKYWARN Coordinator

Stations from the MEMA Framingham Log that do not appear in the
Net Reports from RACES Radio Officers and SKYWARN Coordinators/
Net Managers:

1	K3XL		Brad		Chelmsford
2	K2DLJ		LaMont		Chatam
3	KD1NQ		Jeff		Andover
4	W1VTX		Tony		Harwich
5	N1VDE		Sidney		Georgetown
6	N1OIL		Paul		Milton
7	N1LOG		Fred		Reading
8	N1LLG		Dan		Groton
9	W1LIO		Arline		Medfield
10	N1XQB		Larry
11	WA1JUJ		Kevin		Granville
12	N1QGE		Hugh		Westford

146.955 Barnstable Repeater Cape and Islands Weather Net/
146.655 Falmouth Repeater/145.49 Fairhaven Repeater

1	N1XRS		Tony		Dartmouth
2	KA1VAX		Betsy		Plymouth
3	W1DPN		Charlie		Osterville
4	WA1GPO		Phil		East Falmouth
5	N1TZM		Jim		Fall River
6	WA1KCC		Jim		South Hyannis
7	WA1DLU		Ira		Brewster
8	AE2D		Pete		Eastham
9	WA1KDD		Tom		Acushnet
10	N1WJI		Dennis		Fairhaven
11	N1LTP		Ed		Norton
12	N1LNB		Gene		Waquoit

146.64 Waltham Repeater RACES/SKYWARN Net/
145.23 Boston Repeater Emergency Response Team Net

1	WA1R		Marc	Framingham	(Waltham Repeater NCS)
2	N1VUX		Bill	Dorchester	(Waltham Repeater NCS)
3	KB1CRY		Guy	Boston	(Boston Repeater NCS)
4	N1KMM		Rick	Walpole
5	KB1MU		Dave	Wibraham
6	K1MO		Dave	Brighton
7	N1XKB		Roger	Wakefield
8	KB1DFN			Natick EMA
9	N1TV		Ed	Newton
10	N1FWV		Jeff	Peabody
11	K1KAS		Bob	Billerica
12	W1CCE		Al	North Framingham
13	W1YGC		Lenny	Waltham
14	N1NHZ		Arthur	Boston
15	W1FGD		Ed	Braintree EMA
16	N1GJO		Tom	Marconi Station Wellfleet
17	KA1MOM		Bill	Brighton
18	WA1GEP		Andy	Waltham
19	WA1CRB		Ishmail	Cambridge
20	W1HGU		Ned	Marlborough EMA
21	N1OBL		Tony	Boston
22	KA1TUZ		Dick	Newton
23	KA1KCU		Ron	Sudbury
24	N1QIR		Marty	Nahant
25	AA1UA		John	Quincy
26	KB1DQT		Andy	(Mobile)
27	WX1G		Dave	Watertown
28	W1ZOP		Charles	Framingham
29	N6FM		Ben	Boston

146.925 Worcester Repeater/145.37 Templeton RACES/SKYWARN Net

1	W1SEX		Paul			Gardner
2	N1FZV		Ed			Athol
3	KA1VV		Doug			Westminster
4	WA1QZV		Steve			Gardner
5	W1TYW		Norman			Gardner
6	W1LMK		Linda			Athol
7	N1ZYG		Mark			Athol
8	N1WVE		Chick			Bare
9	N1SBM		Ted			Sutton
10	K1KWP		Kevin			Shrewsbury
11	KB0UYO		Will			Worcester
12	N1OAA		Randy			Baldwinville

147.180: Bridgewater Repeater SKYWARN Net

1	K1MTM		Paul			West Bridgewater
2	WA1GDJ		Gil			Abington
3	KA1DZA		Bob			Bridgewater
4	N1WWI		Chris			Middleboro
5	KA1JBE		Joseph			East Bridgewater
6	N1ZZN		Jeff			Hanson
7	W1DGD		Harry			East Bridgewater
8	KA1CYV		Ray			Middleboro
9	N1FYZ		Carl			Brockton
10	N1EDM		Bob			Brockton
11	N1NTC		Ed			Brockton
12	KD1KR		George			East Bridgewater
13	N1ZZR		Matt			Bridgewater
14	WA1ZUF		Steve			Bridgewater
15	KA1KHK		Ed			Abington (Mobile)

146.895: Norfolk County SKYWARN Net

1    0905 W1CMF, Charlie, Sharon
2    0908 W1ZSA, Roger, Director, Walpole EMA
3    0912 W1PAT, Pat, Walpole
4    0930 K1HC, Dick, Westwood
5    0933 N1TBK, John, W. Roxbury
6    0934 W1JAW, Jack, Braintree
7    0939 N1SBZ, Gene, checked in
8    0939 K1LBG, Joe, Wrentham, checked in
9    0942 KB1CYO, Phil, Foxboro, checked in
10   1050 KD1CY, Rob, NWS
11   1209 N1UEC, Lou, Walpole checked in.
12   1216 WA1ZJE, Bob mobile route 95 N at 495. 10KW generator in truck
13   1218 WA1AR, Alan, Wrentham, running 50W and battery power
14   1435 N1VUX, Bill mobile checked in.
15   1446 N2UTZ, Josh, mobile RT. 24

146.625 Haverhill Repeater RACES/SKYWARN Net

1.	N1JUO**	Rick	Georgetown	-T
2.	KB1KR	Davis	Newburyport	-E
3.	N1YLJ*	Manny	Haverhill	-T
4.	KA1BSH*	Jim	Haverhill	-T+ (Alt. Net Control Station)
5.	N1YRD*	John	Lawrence	-T
6.	N1CSG*	Richard Amesbury	-E
7.	N1QVS	Ben 	Salem, NH	-T+
8.	WA1ESU*	Fred	Newburyport	-T+
9.	WA1VKO	Murph	East Hampstead, NH		-T+
10.	K1ESQ	Collin  Easton	-T (Licensed less then 1 year)
11.	KB1DOP*	Harry	Haverhill	-T (Licensed less then 1 year)
12.	KB1DDQ	Ken 	(Mobile)	-T
13.	N1HLK	Keith	Marblehead	-T+
14.	N9PVF	David	N. Andover	-A
15.	N1VDX**	Steve Haverhill	-T+ (Net Control Station)

The following is a log of stations checking in with SKYWARN 
reports.  The comments column includes any other affiliations and /or
non-SKYWARN functions being handled during the SET.

146.91 Mount Greylock ARES/RACES/SKYWARN/MARS Net

903	N1ISB	Don	Berkshire	Adams	SKYWARN EC / NCS
908	N1VRC	John	Franklin	Charlemont AF MARS Coordinator
908	N1PUA	Paul	Berkshire	Lenoxdale	
908	KB2SAE 	George	Berkshire	Pittsfield	AF MARS Liaison
909	K2WG	Wayne	Columbia	Canaan	NY
909	KB1EAA 	David 	Berkshire	Dalton	
909	WA1WEJ 	Larry	Hampshire	Plainfield	RACES
909	WA1ZHM 	John	Berkshire	Richmond	RACES
913	N1QOV	Obie	Berkshire	Pittsfield	AF Mars / RACES 
913   	N1IVT	Dan	Hampden	Holyoke AF MARS / RedCross
913	KB1EHR  Kim	Berkshire	Pittsfield	
924	KB1CDL  Charlie	Hampden	Southwick	EOC (K1II)
927	KB1EHS  Linda	Berkshire	Pittsfield	
951	KA1PIJ  Stephen	Berkshire	Lenoxdale	ARES EC
951	N1EVE	Pauline	Hampden	Southwick	EOC
1002	KT4IO	Albert	Franklin	Charlemont	
1031	KD2LE	Warren	Berkshire	Hancock	
1039	K2ZVL	Van	Hamilton	Indian Lake NY	
1041	K1SAV	Alan	Rensaelaer	Grafton NY	
1054	N1NNT	Peter	Cheshire	Chesterfield NH	
1109	N1XHR	Todd	Berkshire	Pittsfield	
1111	KC2AVI  Steve	Saratoga	Ballston Spa NY	
1111	N1YCW	Bruce	Berkshire	North Adams	
1149	N2YTT	Peter	Saratoga	Ballston Spa NY	
1152	N1PTZ	Tim	Berkshire	West Stockbridge	
1153	N1JFK	Jerry	Worcester	Westminster	
1155	KB2IBT  Guy	Schenectady	Schenectady NY	
1156	N1QKO	Eric	Hampshire	Belchertown	RACES
1200	KB1CIT  Richard	Hampshire	Deerfield	
1200	N1LZH	PatriciaBerkshire	Pittsfield	

All stations were located in Southwick at the Southwick EOC and
Southwick EMA Headquarters.

K1II		Charlie		Southwick
N1MOC		Keith		Southwick
N1YFH		Tyler		Southwick
N1EVE		Pauline		Southwick
N1ZCL		Jim		Southwick	(ARES/RACES)
KA1TRF		Paul		Southwick	(ARES)
W1ALL		George		Southwick	(Navy MARS)
N1WHA		Bernice		Southwick

Mount Tom	146.94	ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Net
RACES Stations:
KB1CDL		Charlie		Southwick Mobile EOC
KB1EGR		Mark		Westfield EOC
N1MHH		Ron		Charlton RO
N1RKY		Earl		Belchertown
N1MFT		Willard		Sunderland 	Amherst RACES

Other Stations:
KA1LB		Paul		South Hadley

Paxton	146.97 	Area III East RACES Net
RACES Stations:
AA1LQ		Gary		Webster
KA1OTQ		Bob		Milbury
AA2T		Jerry		Leominster
WA1FIA		Chatmon		Leominster
K1VSG		Dennis		Webster		WMA SEC
N1REL		Mark		Millville 	EMA Director
N1KKY		Tom		Athol
N1MHH 		Ron		Charlton	RACES Officer
W1TEM		Ron		Rhode Island State EOC

Other Stations:
KB1DVU		Gary		Palmer
N1XPA		John		Harrisville, RI
WX1L		Jim		Shrewsbury

Greenfield	146.985
RACES Stations:
ARES Stations:
N1SCC		Bill		Greenfield	Franklin County EC
N1EWK		Bill		Greenfield



This is a list by station that checked into the Haverhill Skywarn 
Weather Net during the Y2K/Ice Storm Simulated Emergency Test

The section 1E Races Net and the Skywarn Emergency Weather Net shared
this repeater with no problems to report.

The Haverhill Repeater operated on EMERGENCY POWER throughout the 
entire Simulation.

Station Check-in list is in a prvious portion of this report.

HAVERHILL, MA SKYWARN Reporting to National Weather Service Taunton, MA
Date   Sept/11/1999 Day Sat   .
Time	Call Sign 	Name	Location	Severe Wx Description
09:00	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown	Check-In	
09:00	KB1KR		Newburyport (EOC)	Check-In 
09:00	N1YLJ	Manny	Haverhill (EOC)		Check-In
09:00	KA1BSH	Jim	Haverhill		Check-In
09:00	WA1VKO	Murph	Seabrook, NH		Check-In
09:00	N1YRD	John	Lawrence		Check-In
09:00	N1QVS	Ben	Salem, NH 		Check-In 
09:00	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport		Check-In
09:45	N1CSJ	Rich	Amesbury	High winds/Freezing rain/
					1/2" ice on trees and wires
09:45	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport	Newburyport EOC on emergency power
09:46	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown	Georgetown sub-station off line @
					(Unknown Y2K or Ice storm)	
09:52	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	1/4 to 1/2" ice / High winds 
09:53	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown	Town main power feeder line down/ 
					Full town power outage/
					60MPH winds/ Freezing
					drizzle/ Thunder
09:54	KA1BSH 	Jim	Haverhill	Will be off freq. For 10-15
	(alt. NCS)			minutes
09:54	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)Emergency units out working
					on high voltage wires/ 
					most of city w/o power
10:05	N1YLJ	Manny	Haverhill (EOC)	EOC on Emergency power due to
	 				ice/ some sporadic power outages
10:09	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown (EOC)3/4" ice / town roads
					impassable / T-Storm passed to the east
10:11	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)Tree vs. House on Purchase St. /
					Fire Dept Responding 
10:13	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	Ice/Snow mix / temp 27F /
					1/2" ice / commercial power 
10:13	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown(EOC)	Town well Field out of service due to power 
					failure / no water supply to town
10:16	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)One (1) trapped in Purchase
					St. house incident 
10:23	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown (EOC)Police cruiser T.A. Rt.113 /
					95  Numerous cars off road o
					on interstate 95 
10:25	N1YLJ	Manny	Haverhill (EOC)	One (1) emergency shelter
					open/ EOC has lose power, telephone. Hale
					Hospital (Haverhill) on Emergency power
10:28	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	Ice/Snow mix / cable-telephone
					down/  27F / Scattered power outages
10:31	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown (EOC)1.5" ice / Y2K Radio problem 
					to town DPW- radios down / POSSIBLE
					EVACUATION of Baldpate 
					Hospital due to power failure.
10:35	KA1BSH	Jim	Haverhill	Requested to pass traffic from EOC
					Georgetown to MEMA 
					concerning the evacuation
				 	of Baldpate Hospital
10:44	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	Lawrence General Hospital closed
					for admissions./ All being sent to Holy Cross
					hospital Methuen / Power down / 1.25" ice
10:44	N1YLJ	Manny	Haverhill (EOC)	1 inch ice
10:48	KA1BSH	Jim	Haverhill	Traffic passed to MEMA	
10:58	K1WSQ	Collin	Amesbury 	Interstate 495  White
			(mobile)	out conditions / Gusts 50-60 MPH
11:00	KA1DOP	Harry	Haverhill	Shelter opened via town @ Golden
					Hill School / Senior 
					Center has Emergency power 
					failure / 2 people trapped in elevator
11:06	N1JUO	Rick	Georgetown (EOC)Running on Emergency power
					only (real time)
11:07	N1YLJ	Manny	Haverhill (EOC)	Running on Emergency Power
					only (real time)
11:07	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	Running on Emergency Power only
					(real time)
11:10	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)Running on Emergency Power
					only (real time)
11:12	N1CJS	Rich	Amesbury	Running on Emergency Power only
					(real time)
11:14	N1JUO	Rich	Georgetown	2.5" ice / All roads impassable
11:15	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)Trees down throughout town/
					Purchase St. still working by FD
11:17	N1CSJ	Rich	Amesbury	Change over to ice/snow mix / Still
					on commercial power 
11:27	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)Change over to ice/snow mix
12:06	N1JOU	Rick	Georgetown(EOC) Change over to ice/snow mix
					at 11:45 / 26F
12:10	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	Operating on Emergency power/25F/Lawrence general
					Hospital reports minor Y2K
					Problems (non-life threatening)
12:15	N1CJS	Rich	Amesbury	Loss of commercial Power
12:16	KA1BSH	Jim	Haverhill	Requested to pass traffic to NWSFO
					Taunton to come up on the
					146.625 Haverhill repeater
12:20	WA1ESU	Fred	Newburyport(EOC)Update on Purchase St
					incident- one (1) injured 
					/ Running on commercial power
12:52	N1CSJ	Rich	Amesbury	Snow/ Sleet mix / Snow starting to
					drift with high winds
12:56	N1YLJ	Manny	Haverhill (EOC)	Fire dispatch reports main
					antenna down
13:00	N1JUO	Rich	Georgetown (EOC)6 inches heavy snow/ 30 Knot
					winds / 2 ½ ice / 29F
14:19	KB1DDQ	Ken	Merrimac 	Sleet/ ice
			(Mobile 495 N)
14:22	N1HLK	Keith	Marblehead	Slush / commercial power	
14:40	N1CSJ	Rich	Amesbury	Commercial power restored
14:42	N9PVF	David	N. Andover	Multiple trees down blocking Rt.
					114 / High voltage lines down
14:47	N1YRD	John	Lawrence	24F / Freezing rain / multiple power outages /
					three (3) known casualties - 2 from 
					motor vehicle accidents -
					one (1) from Hospital Y2K glitch 

Submitted by  Steve Woodward  N1VDX
Skywarn Coordinator Northern Essex County

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
SEMCARES Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503  (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 1-800-445-2588 Ext.: 72929  (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@pop.ma.ultranet.com
Packet Address: KD1CY @ AA1FS

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