Resume for Jean Renard Ward

Jean Renard Ward     Phone: 781-648-8057      
59 Coolidge Road     Email:
Arlington MA 02474

Skills Background Highlights:


Java/JSP, ActiveX, COM/MFC/STL/ATL, Javascript, ColdFusion, Perl, CGI, HTML, SQL, XML, Apache/Tomcat, Socket programming for proprietary web service protocols, various plug-in technologies


CryptoAPI, PKCS11, OpenSSL, Smartcards, OCSP


Java, C++, "C", VB/VBScript, scripting languages, several others


Special-purpose compilers and translators; DSP and digitizer applications; real-time process control and communications

Special experience:

Five patents, other patents pending.
Expert witness in three patent cases: (one pending)
Prior-art research in two other cases, related to pen-computing, digitizer design, and character recognition. 


Speak, read, and write fluent German:

Project direction (hands-on):

Project definition, scoping and scheduling, and tracking to demonstrable checkpoints
Integration of Development/Test/Release process
Staff co-ordination within project; mentoring of junior staff
Co-ordination among different project groups and functions

Project history: