Dear, Friends:

In order for you to be reading this means that several generations of our families have survived for hundreds of years.

Think about the events that occurred during the time of your father's family and his father's family and his father's family etc… Pestilence, famine, months at sea, witch-hunts, harsh weather, raids, revolutions, rebellions, wars, the list is endless, but so was their courage to prevail.

Our life, now, is like that of our ancestors during "The American Revolution". Our adversaries are all around us. Those antagonists watch us and study us. They take note of our strengths and weaknesses. They coldly exploit our freedoms and our democratic systems to perpetuate their evil.

I submit to you that if any one of our ancestors had stuck their heads in the sand and dwelled on, "what's next", you and I would not exist – neither would "Our Country".

Our history has shown us that individual efforts can and do make a difference. The time to make a difference, as American citizens, is NOW. I realize that it is not possible for most of us to be warriors like John Paul Jones, but we can be like Paul Revere. It is up to each and every one of us to get up, get out and get back into life and participate - be alert – "sound the alarm" if you see something suspicious.

All of us depend on each other's daily functions of providing services, growing produce and manufacturing products. The benefit of our labors is in the things we purchase. The bargains in the stores, at the present time, are numerous. For most of us a great place to make a "stand" should be in front of the cash registers.

We must demonstrate to our enemies, in actions and deeds, what America stands for and what we, as a Freedom Loving People, will not stand for. We can not let "them" intimidate us.

I am confident that getting out, while keeping our eyes open, will turn things around.

Flying "Old Glory" at my home and attaching Her to my coat and vehicle signifies that:

I am an American,
I am informed,
I am on guard
I am going shopping.

I am elated to inform you that on 3 July 2002;
I accepted the position of Transportation Security Supervisor, in the Department of Transportation,
Transportation Security Administration, at Logan International Airport in Boston, MA
As of 23 February 2013, I will never, ever have to go there again.

R.W. Trask

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