"The legible names on the gravestones of those that were moved in 1950."


This data was collected by me in the early 1980's which 
I merged with the data that Mr, John 0, Blanchard collected before 1935.
* Not very legible by me in 1980, but OK in 1935 - Thank you, Mr. Blanchard.
The names of the persons on the forty-one legible Puritan Gravestones are; 
Capt. Jonathan Poole (1634-1678)
Momento te esse mortalem.
C. ye 2d.
Fugit hora.
Here lyes the body of Capt. Jonathan Poole, who deceased in the 44th year of his age, 1678. 
Friends sure would prove too far unkind, 
If, out of sight, they leave him out of mind; 
And now he lyes transform'd to native dust, 
In earth's cold womb, as other mortals must, 
It's strange his matchless worth entomb'd should lye, 
Or that his fame should in oblivion dye.
POOLE, Capt. Jonathan, son of John and Margaret, b. 1634, probably 
at Cambridge. Succeeded his father on the homestead, and 
also owned, in conjunction with his son John, much land at the 
north end of the great pond extending the entire length 
of the present Bay State Road. Was the second captain of the Reading 
company. "Was much valued in Philip's Indian war;" "was 
a Captain under Major Appleton, at Hadley ; " " was President 
of a Council of War in the winter of 1675-6 ;" was selectman 
justice of the peace, and representative, and d. 1678, aged 44. 
By wife Judith had chil. : Sarah, b. 1656, and m. 1673, Thomas 
Bancroft; Judith, b. 1658, and m. 1681, Wm. Hescy ; Mary, b. 
1660, and d. 1661 ; Mary, b. 1662, and m. 1682, James Nichols ; 
John, b. 1665; Jonathan, b. 1667 ; Thomas, b. 1673, and m. 
1695, Rebecca ; William, b. 1677; Elizabeth, b. 1678.
His daughter, Sarah Poole, became the wife of Dea. & Capt. Thomas Ban- 
croft in 1673. They settled in the "Wood End," on 
land between West Street and Woburn bounds, given to 
them by their parents, and built the third house in the 
present Town of Reading. Their daughter, Sarah Bancroft, married Lieut. Abraham Briant, and in 1694 this 
couple built the Parker Tavern. 
John Person (1615-1679)
Memento te esse mortalem 
Fugit hora. Vive memor laethi. Fugit hora.
Here lyes ye "body of John Person, Senor. Aged 
64 years. Deceased Apr. ye 17, 1679.
John Person (Pearson) was granted 15 acres in 1647. 
He was an inhabitant of Lynn in 1635. He and his wife, 
Maudlin, were among the seven earliest members of the 
church in Redding. He was a deacon from 1645 until 
his death in 1679. In the records of the Essex Court, 
there is an inventory of his estate that mentions 30 acres 
of upland called the Newell Lott, 40 acres by John 
Hawkes, 2 acres in the wigwams, and 80 acres beyond 
the Ipswich River.
Anna Fiske (1648-1681)
Here lyes the body of Anna Fiske, first wife 
of Capt. John Brown, Esquire, who dyed May 30, 
1631, in her 35th year. (She was the dau. of 
Rev. John Fiske, first minister at Wenham, and 
of Chelmsford.) She was the great-great-grandmother of Rev. Reuben Emerson.
Deacon Thomas Parker (1609-1683)
Memento mori. Fugit hora. 
Here lyeth within this arched place, ye body of 
Deacon Thomas Parker, who was won of ye foundation of ye church, who dyed ye 12th of August, 
1683. Aged about 74.
Matthew Edwards (1631-1683)
Fugit hora. 
Here lyes ye body of Matthew Edwards, Aged 52y deceased Dec. 33, 1683.
Mary Bryant (1649-1689)
Here lyes the body of Mary Bryant, wife to 
Abraham Bryant, daughter of Thomas Kendall. 
Aged 40 years. Dyed March 8, 1689.
Lieutenant William Hescy (1619-1689)
Here lyeth ye body of Lieutenant William 
Hescy; Aged about 70 years, deceased ye 
30 of May 1689.
Matthew Edwards (1656-1689)
Here lies ye body of Matthew Edwards, who 
dyed August 13, 1689, in ye 33d year of 
his age
Ensigne Nathaniel Goodwin (1642-1693) 
Here lyes ye body of Ensigne Nathaniel 
Goodwin, Aged 51 years, died ye 23 of 
August, 1693. "The memory of the just is blessed.
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown (1637-1693)
Here lies the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, 
wife to Capt. John Brown, Esquire, formerly 
wife to Rev. Joseph Emerson of Mendon, who 
deceased Sept. 4, 1693, in the 56th year of 
her age.
Benjamin Hartshorne (1651-1694)
Here lyes the body of Benjamin Kartshorne 
who dyed May 3, 1694, in the 41st year of 
his age.
* Rebecca Kendall (1618-1703)
Rebecca Kendall, widow of Dea. Thomas Kendall 
dyed July 17, 1703, aged 85 years. "Here 
lyeth the mother of ten who had 175 grand and 
great-grand children."
John Smith (1667-1704)
Here lyeth the body of John Smith of Charlestown Bounds (now Stoneham) Aged 37 years. 
Died March 31, 1704.
* Mary Upham (1674-1707)
Here lyeth the body of Mary Upham, wife to 
Thomas Upham, who dyed Aoril 31, 1707, in 
the 33d year of her age.
Mrs. Rebecca Brown (1633-1707)
Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Rebecca Brown, 
late wife to Capt. John Brown, Esquire and 
formerly wife to Lieut. Samuel Sprague of 
Malden; dyed July 8, 1710 in her 77th year.
* Mr. John Gould, Senr. (1643-1712)
Memento mori. Fugit hora. 
Here lyes the body of Mr. John Gould, Senr. 
Aged about 69 years, who deceased Jany. 4 
Mr. Nicholas Brown (1677-1713)
Here lies the body of Mr. Nicholas Brown, 
who deceased Septmber 2, 1713 in the 36th year 
of his age.
Mr. Nathaniel Cutler (1659-1714)
Here lies the body of Mr. Nathaniel Cutler, 
Aged 55 years, and 2 months; who deceased 
June 7, 1714. - "Blessed are the dead, who 
dye in the Lord."
* Thomas, son of Wm. and Abigail Hay (1704-1718)
Joseph Brown (1678-1723)
Here lyes the body of Joseph Brown, who 
deceased Oct. 16, 1723 in the 45th year of 
his age.
Thomas Brown (1703-1732)
Here lyes the body of Thomas Brown, son of 
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Rebeckah Brown who 
deceased Aoril 23, 1724, in the 21st year of 
his age.
Mr. John Bacheler (1665-1732)
Here lyes what was mortal of Mr. John 
Bacheler, who died Nov. 2, 1732 in the 67th 
year of his age.
Lucy Emerson (1707-1735)
Here lyes the body of Lucy Emerson, daughter 
of Mr. Peter and Mrs. Anna Emerson, who dyed 
Feb. 17, 1735, aged 28 years.
John Fitch (1733-1739)
John Fitch, son of Joseph Fitch, 3d. 
Born in Boston, Oct. 2, 1733. 
Dyed in Reading July 4, 1739. 
"For we shall see him as he is." 
John: iii,2.
William Emerson (1753-1753)
William Emerson, son of Rev. Joseph and Mrs. 
Abigail Emerson (of Groton) died here Oct. 17, 
1753. Aged 4 mo. and 7 days.
Mr. Thomas Fitch (of Boston) (1726-1754)
Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Thomas 
Fitch (of Boston) who dyed Feb. 26, 1754. 
Aged 28 years, 1 mo. and 13 days.
Capt. Joseph Fitch (1694-1754)
Here lies the body of Capt. Joseph Fitch, 
who departed this life March 16, A. D. 1754, 
in the 60th year of his age.
* Mr. Nathaniel Bacheler (1674-1763)
Nathaniel Bachelor, son of Mr. Nathaniel 
Bachelor Jr. and Abigail, his wife, dyed 
Oct. 4, 1754, Aged 2 years, 9 mos. 5 days.
Simeon Bacheler (1755-1755)
Simeon Bacheler, son of Mr. Nathaniel Bacheler. 
Jr. and Mrs. Abigail, his wife, dyed Feb. 27, 1755, 
Aged 4 mos. and 3 days.
Mrs. Hannah Bacheler (1681-1754)
Here lyes the body of Mrs. Hannah Bacheler, 
consort of Mr. Nathaniel Bacheller, who departed this life Oct. 7, 1754, 
in the 73d year of her age; Having lived in the married 
state with her husband above 50 years. 
"The memory of the just is blessed."
Mrs. Rebecca Barrett (1684-1765)
Here lyes the body of Mrs. Rebecca Barrett, 
(formerly wife of Mr. Nicholas Brown and widow 
of Dea. Jona, Barrett) who died Mar. 18, 1765 
in the 8lst year of her age.
Sargent Thomas Kendall (1718-1781)
Sargent Thomas Kendall dyed July 32, 1781 aged 
63 years.
Joshua Gould, son of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Gould (1769-1772)
Here lies the body of Joshua Gould, son of 
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Gould, who died 
Aug. 25, 1772. Aged 3 yrs. 3 mos. 3 days.
John Browne, Esq., an early settler, and one of the most able, useful, 
and respected, died this year, March 11, aged 83. He is called "The 
worshipful John Browne" in the "Indian Deed." He was buried in the 
most ancient burial-ground, near the site of the old Town House, where 
his grave-stone has been seen, reading as follows : 
"To the memory of 
Capt. John Browne, Esq., who, after he had served his generation by 
the will of God, fell asleep Mar. 11, 1717, aged abt. 83. 
Witty, yet wise, grave, good, among the best, 
Was he; (the memory of the just is blest); 
Prudent, a pattern, and more I say, 
A hearty mourner for the sins of the day: 
Bless'd God, when dying, that he fear'd not death, 
His pious soul took wings, gave up her breath, 
Dropp'd here her mantle in the silent dust 
Which waits the resurrection of the just." 
Mr. Eaton reported that these are now all the Inscriptions to be read in the "First Burial 
Place of Ancient Reading and these are fast disappearing - July 1852.
The legible names on the other gravestones are;
Alden, Mrs. Betsey (1832)
Alden, Solomon (1834)
Bacheler, Mr. John B. III (1782)
Batts James
Batts, Sarah (1804)
Brown, Mrs. Abigil (1834)
Brown, Mr. Jeremiah (1784)
Brown, Mr. Jeremiah (1822)
Brown, Mrs. Lydia (1822)
Brown, Mrs. Ruth (1786)
Brown, Mr. Thomas (1822)
Bryant, Mr. Aaron (Dea. (1870)
Bryant, Mrs. Rehecca P.(1868)
Burditt, Mr. Joseph (1804)
Burditt, Mrs. Sarah (1831)
Burnham, Capt. Joshua (1818)
Burnham, Mary (1826}
Carter, Mary E. (1838
Cunningham, Alfred (l827)
Cunningham, Sarah Leavitt (1831)
Damon, David (1792)
Eaton, Sally (1801)
Eaton, David Albert (1839)
Eaton, Edmund (18OO)
Eaton, Hannah .W. B. (1843)
Eaton, Lilley (1812)
Eaton, Mrs. Lilley (1822)
Eaton, Lois E. (1837)
Eaton, Lucy (1807)
Eaton, Mary E. (1858)
Eaton, Mrs. Minnie (?) (1865)
Eaton, Nancy (l884)
Eaton, Noah (1774 approx.)
Eaton, Phebe (1793)
Eaton, Sarah (1821)
Eaton, Mrs. Stillman (1828)
Eaton, Susanna (1828)
Eaton, Victor (l847)
Eaton, Zenas (1860)
Emerson, Mrs. Abigail (1817)
Emerson, James Bancroft (1889)
Emerson, Lucy (1861)
Emerson, Mrs. Margaret
Emerson, Miss Nancy (1815)
Foster, Caleb (1817)
Foster, Caleb E. (1850)
Foster, Elizabeth E. (1816)
Foster, Mrs. Nancy (1850)
Foster, Rebeckah (1817)
Gould, Joshua (1861)
Gould, Louise (1860)
Gould, Louise (1878)
Gould, Sarah J. and Dannlel (1854 and 1856)
Gould, Mrs. Sarah
Gould, Mrs. Sarah J. (1800)
Green, Mr. Arron (183O)
Green, Mrs. Sarah (1812)
Green, Mrs. Susan (l890)
Green, Mr. Wllliam (1772)
Green, William (1772)
Hart, Abigail (1803)
Hart, Mrs, Abraham (l833)
Hart, Belinda (1799)
Hart, Hon. John (1835)
Hart, John Jr. (18l0)
Hart, Josie, June, Josle
Hart, Mary (18l2)
Hart, Mrs. Mary (1838)
Hart, William (1800)
Hawkes, Adam (1765-1831)*
Hawkes, Adam (1714-1773)* ggg grand father of Adam Hawkes of Saugus
Hawkes, Mrs. Anna (1782-1815)*
Hawkes, Gilman (1832-1826)*
Hawkes, Lydla (1721-1791)*
Hawkes, Sarah (1767-1810)*

Among those moved in 1950 was the gravestone of Adam Hawkes (1714-1773). Adam Hawkes was the great, great, great grandson of Adam Hawkes (1605-1672) who was the first white settler in Saugus where iron ore from his property was used at the "Saugus Iron Works" (1642-1663). This Adam Hawkes was also the great grandson of John Adams the second President of the United States. As a delegate from Massachusetts to the Continental Congress, he played a leading role in persuading Congress to declare independence and assisted Thomas Jefferson in drafting the Declaration of Independence.

Johnson, Clarisaa. (18l3) and George Prentiss
Johnson, Mary (1804)
Loring, A.M.
Loring, Geo. H.M.
Mellen Rev. John - missing
Mellen, Rebecca (1807) - missing
Oliver, Benjamin
Oliver, Bertha W. (1882)
Oliver, Estella E. (1865)
Oliver, Lucy
Parker, Jacob (1797)
Parker, Jacob, Jr. (1794)
Parker, Mrs. Lucretia (1822)
Parker, Lydia (1802)
Parker, Martha (1826)
Parker, Miss Patty (18O9)
Parker, Thomas (1792)
Pool, Mr. Jonathan, Jr (1791)
Pool, Mrs. Sarah (1860)
Pool, Samuel (1773)
Pratt, Jonathan (1858)
Prentlss, Rev, Caleb (1803)
Prentiss, Caleb (1803)
Prentiss, George (1789)
Prenciss, Sophia (l807)
Prentiss, William (1806)
Putnam, Daniel
Rayner, Mrs Abigail (1792)
Rayner, Mr. Thomas (l804)
Richardson, Mr. John (1810)
Richardson, Mrs. Lydia (1789)
Russell, Adelaide V. (1869)
Russell, George L. (1865)
Russell, Samuel M. (1869)
Sawyer, Isaac (1886)
Skinner, (1871) ?
Skinner, Phebe S. (1883) ?
Skinner, Thomas B. (1875)
Smith, Samuel (1850)

Stoddard, George W., my 6th cousin, George Washington Stoddard b: 1 June 1841 Wakefield, MA, d: 09 Apr 1897 Wakefield, MA
Stoddard, Harry, my 6th cousin, Henry Farnum Stoddard, b: 22 January 1839, d: 9 Jan 1865 Stoneham, MA
Both sons of Farnum W. Stoddard, of Templeton, MA (1811-1844) and Emily O. Larraby of Lynnfield MA (1816-1894) 

Sweetser, Abraham (1863)
Sweetser, Bradley V, (l840)
Sweetser, Clarissa (1846)
Sweetser, Cornelius (1847)
Sweetser, Cyrus (1801)
Sweetser, Miss Laura (1805)
Sweetser, Mrs. Lydia (1827)
Sweetser, Mrs. Mary (1786) John (1785) Lemuel (1776)
Sweetser, Phebe (1853)
Thompson, C. T.
Vinton, John (1822) Mary (1834)
Vinton, John (1851) 
Vinton, Lydia (1798)
Walton, Benjamin (1884)
Walton, Miss Betsey (1822)
Walton, Oliver (1845) Mary (1850) Rebekah (1850)
Walton, Mrs. Sarah (1820)
Williams, Chester (1836)
Williams, Mrs. Hannah (1831)
Williams, Mrs, Susanna (1803) and infant child
Williams, William (1813)


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