Lech Walesa, the first freely elected president of Poland since the Second World War, will arrive on June 24 for the United Nations' 50th anniversary celebration and will participate in some events commemorating the creation of the United Nations Organization. He is also going to join other Nobel Prize winners in San Francisco at a Forum at which they will discuss the future of the U.N. The members of the Forum are to issue a declaration on war and peace, global governance and the environment.

Walesa is the first Polish president to visit San Francisco. Fifty years ago then president Truman had to open the first U.N. Conference in San Francisco with the Polish chair left empty, while the leaders of the Polish underground resistance (AK -- Home Army) against the Nazis, were treacherously kidnapped by the Soviet NKVD and brought to Moscow for a trial.

Walesa during a meeting with Polonia in San Francisco

Walesa during a meeting with Polonia in San Francisco, June 1995.

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