Zbigniew Brzezinski and Lawrence Eagleburger have endorsed the establishment of a Chair of Polish Studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. The chair is expected to attract professors who will concentrate on Polish history, culture, government and economy. Through teaching, seminars and publications, the Chair will offer knowledge about Polish affairs to the academic world, also to American businesses and government officials. An Honorary Committee of prominent persons sponsors the initiative.

Chaired by Brzezinski and Eagleburger, the Honorary Committee includes also Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, Canadian Senator Stanlay Haidasz, Congressman John Dingell, famous writer James Michener, author of Poland, Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, author Courier from Warsaw, Polish Ambassador Jerzy Kozminski, and Professor Kenneth Thompson, Director of the University's Miller Center.

Blanka A. Rosenstiel, President of the American Institute of Polish Culture, announced the initiative: "There are at the present too few centers of information about Poland in the United States. Now that Poland has liberated itself from the Soviet yoke, it is urgent that we in America have access to a fountain of learning about Poland, its people, and its opportunities. The University of Virginia with its international reputation and proximity to the nation's capitol is an ideal place to establish such a Chair." Professor Brzezinski, National Security Adviser in the Carter administration, endorsed the project in these words: "The initiative to establish a Polish Chair at the University of Virginia is both timely and important, especially in view of the growing connection between expanding Europe and the dynamically transforming Poland."

Eagleburger, Secretary of State in the Bush administration said: "Great knowledge of the nations emerging from the shadow of Soviet rule is imperative if the United States is to help those nations to become prosperous democracies." Senator Barbara Mikulski endorsed the initiative by saying: "I applaud the creation of a Chair of Polish Studies at the University of Virginia. It will enable us to better understand the proud, rich culture, and dynamic future of Poland. Blanka A. Rosenstiel said: "To achieve success we must truly believe in what we are doing. The Polish Chair is a cause of major importance to those who love Poland. We are asking for their support. With love, understanding and mutual help, we can established not only one Polish Chair, but many more. Americans of Polish descent take pride in the recognition that their Polish homeland will be given." The solicitation for the Chair must raise a relatively modest $500,000. The effect of the solicitation will be multiplied by the availability of income matching funds.

Tax-deductible contributions may be made payable to the University of Virginia Miller Center, and mailed to:

Polish Chair Endowment Fund
c/o Prof. Kenneth Thompson
Director Miller Center of Public Affairs University of Virginia
P.O. Box 5106
Charlottesville, VA 22905

Question about this program may be addressed to:

Blanka A. Rosenstiel or Walter Beaman
c/o America Institute of Polish Culture
1440 79th Street Causeway, Suite 117
Miami, FL 33141
Tel.: (305) 864-2349
Fax.: (305) 865-5150

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