Vol. 9, Issue No. 28/2002

Request for book donations

Dear Colleagues:

I am an English teacher in Poland. I am looking for book donations for my school library. They could be second-hand books. Our school library, in which we are opening an English language reading room, is in a dire need of English books. Our children/pupils don't have the possibility of reading anything else apart from the textbooks available.

This reading room will be for students from the region. Please help us in collecting English books for our children.

I myself have my own library, and my wife and me are always lending books to our pupils but our resources are meagre.

We can accept anything but basic need is of chidren's novels, English literature, Encyclopedias (could be older versions), novels, storybooks, magazines and periodicals

With best regards,

Anwar Naqvi
ZSS No 1
Sklodowskiej 5
26-300 Opoczno

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