Vol. 9, Issue No. 28/2002


(live streaming video and audio lines)

The countdown continues as the people of Toronto, Canada, and the entire world prepare for Pope John Paul II's return to Canadian shores in celebration of the 17th Annual World Youth Day (July 18-28 2002).  It will be the largest event ever hosted in Toronto, as pilgrims from all sectors of the planet flock to the city to welcome the Holy Father.

Catholic Radio acknowledges the overwhelming task of complete coverage of this event, but recognizes that no one should miss out on World Youth Day 2002.  We produce a radio program 4 times a week in English and will be offering highlights of the Pope's visit during these hours (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and Thursday from 9:00 pm to midnight).

In light of the rapidly approaching Papal visit to Toronto, Catholic Radio has launched a website featuring everything you need to know about World Youth Day 2002

Around the clock, everyday coverage of World Youth Day will be accessible on our website through live streaming video and audio lines.  The Catholic Radio website also contains extensive archives of audio and text interviews with a variety of people such as Fr. Tom Rosica, Cardinal Stafford, World Youth Day organizers, young participants of the walking pilgrimage from

Montreal from Toronto, etc. Furthermore, we offer detailed information regarding the history of World Youth Day, facts about past World Youth Days, provocative documentaries, messages from the Holy Father, an extensive photo gallery, numerous testimonies, details concerning the construction and location of the Downsview Park celebration, and so much more!

Catholic Radio wants to make sure that its audiences receive full coverage of World Youth Day 2002.

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