Vol. 10, Issue No. 29/2003

International students in the United States

Despite September 11, the number of foreign students in US universities increased again in 2001/2002. It establishes a new record with 582,996 students reflecting an annual increase of 6.4%. This rate is the highest since 1980. International students represents 4,3% of 13,511,149 university students enrolled.

Poland  followed the trend with 2,606 students, +7.2% in one year.

Here is the list of the top senders of students in the USA

1) India 66,836  +22.3 %
2) China 63,211  +5.5 %
3) Korea  (South) 49,046  +7.4%
4) Japan 46,810  +0.7%
5) Taiwan 28,930  +1.3%
6) Canada 26,514  +4.9%
7) Mexico 12,518  +7.3%
8) Turkey 12,091  +10.1%
9) Indonesia 11,614  -0.1%
10) Thailand 11,606  +3.7%
11) Germany 9,613 -5.1%
12) Brazil 8,972  +1.4%
13) Pakistan 8,644  +24.4%
14) U.K. 8,414  +3.4%
15) Colombia 8,068 +19.3%

The correlation between the state of an economy and the above number is obvious. Germany and Indonesia, being the only "big Countries" which experienced a decrease. China, because of a very restrictive US Visa policy, lost its first place to India, which had a gigantic leap.

The preferred fields of studies of foreign students in the USA are:
- Business & Management: 19.35%
- Engineering: 15%
- Mathematics & computer Science: 12.3%
- Social Sciences: 7.73%

Universities that have the most international students:
- USC (University of Southern California) 5950,
- NYU (New York University) 5504
- Columbia (NYC) 5116.

Dr. J.N. Prade Chairman of AUAP,  the world organization that helps foreign students to enter US universities since 1995 declares: "The trend seems irreversible, I was not expecting such huge increase after September 11. To study in the USA is quasi mandatory for everybody who is looking at an international career. There is certainly a brain drain effect (75% of the last 5 years Nobel Price winners were teaching in US universities), a hidden immigration factor (any graduate can work for at least one year after graduation with no problem), but it reflects mainly a positive internationalization of studies, in more global world.  I do not hesitate to affirm that, if studies in the US were free and if the Visa policies for some Asian countries were more lenient, the number of foreign students in the US will be over 6 millions."

There are 4,182 institutions of higher education in the USA. Harvard gets more than 683 millions of dollars in private donations. In  2000/2001 its endowment was close to $18 billions. The best paid of university presidents was Mr. Mark Yudof of the University of Texas with an annual compensation $787,319.

What is AUAP?
AUAP is, since 1995, the world leader organization, that helps foreign students and guarantees their admissions into US universities. AUAP is since this year into the prestigious American Council of Education (ACE), and is part of AACRAO and NAFSA.

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Vol. 10, Issue No. 29/2003

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